Just Roll With It: 7 Battle Tested Truths For Building a Resilient Life

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The journey to a powerful and vibrant life begins with one simple step: tapping into and nurturing your authentic self

Although the first step is simple, it’s not always easy. Barriers like apathy, fear, and past trauma can be incredibly difficult to overcome. That’s where Sarah Plummer Taylor, U.S. Marine veteran, gifted speaker, and internationally acclaimed author of Just Roll With It, comes in.

Sarah’s “Align and Shine” approach is built on a foundation of faith, and revolves around the six pillars of the SEMPER Strategy: Sincerity, Empathy, Motivation, Perseverance, Engagement, and Resilience. Together, these pillars form a powerful base from which to grow.

Through coaching, retreats, and speaking engagements, Sarah Plummer Taylor, aka SEMPER Sarah, is on a mission to empower as many people as possible to Shine with more happiness, health, and zest for life than they ever dreamed possible!


Faith is the cog in the SEMPER Wheel because it is the foundation. Frankly, we are wired to connect! Faith is love in action, it is service, connection, grace, gratitude, mystery, acceptance, and so much more. Faith is“confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see” Hebrews 11. From faith, we can move forward. Faith not only includes trust in God, but also a belief in the body’s ability to heal the body, and the innate knowing that as we align with our core character traits we can invite more spirit, ease, and abundance into our lives.



Sincerity means living from a place of authenticity and honesty. It means engaging your beliefs and actions in congruence, and results in greater influence and significance through greater trust.

sw2 Empathy in action means being an active, thoughtful participant in the lives of others. You can cultivate a spirit of compassion and non-judgment for yourself that will allow to you transpose that awareness and understanding to others, as well.  
sw3The essence of motivation is defining your “why,” following your “north star,” and being truly aligned with your core. It is aspiration driven by inspiration. Motivation allows you to serve your highest purpose, and subsequently the wellbeing of everything and everyone you come into contact with.

sw4 Perseverance means committing to your goals. Be dedicated in making the contribution to yourself and others that you were meant to make.

sw5 When you live an engaged life, you live a fully present life.  Engagement breeds excitement, enthusiasm, gratitude, and focus. Engagement allows you to expand your concept of Self to its fullest capacity, and live with zest and deep connection.
sw6 Resilience means getting knocked down 10 times and getting up 11 knowing that only you have the choice to be positive or negative about the journey laid before you. Total wellness is impossible without a spirit of resilience.

semper wheelThe Just Roll With It approach isn’t a to-do list. Instead, it’s a state of mind that becomes character which becomes action. Choose to live the life you love and love the life you live no matter what! Decide to be ridiculously happy, healthy, and successful!

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Sarah lives what she offers her clients. If she is asking clients to challenge themselves physically, mentally or spiritually, you can be certain that Sarah is challenging herself, too. Sarah enjoys and appreciates people, wholly, as they are – yet encourages them to discover who they are to become.

Dan Stover

Host, No Excuses Radio

When I think of the top 5 most inspirational people that I have had the pleasure to meet in person, Sarah is right there. She is tough yet gentle and her passion shines through in every word she speaks. Sarah’s presence is the most incredible gift you can give to your team, your organization, and yourself.

Valerie Rosile

Founder, Aspire & Grow

Sarah’s ability to help people discover the things that are holding us back, and to provide us the tools to move forward is truly a gift. Be prepared to be held accountable with a tremendous amount of kindness. Thanks to Sarah’s coaching I’m happier and more grounded than I’ve ever been.

Lydia Davey

Founder, Moriah Creatives PR