Yoga Resources to Keep You Cozy This Winter

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Happy December!   What?! DECEMBER?! Am I the only one who feels like 2016 has gone by in a flash?! Well, if you're trying to get a grip this winter, and if cooler weather has you heading [...]

A Life-Changing, Thanksgiving Meditation

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In honor of Thanksgiving, I want to give thanks to you AND I wanted to share one of my all-time favorite meditations with you today. This is commonly known as the “loving kindness” meditation, and it [...]

Predictors of Depression Diagnoses and Symptoms in United States Female Veterans: Results from a National Survey and Implications for Programming

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Research suggests that female veterans of the United States military are more likely than their male counterparts to report mental health concerns such as posttraumatic stress, depression and suicidal thoughts. The purpose of this study [...]

How Do We Fix Long Wait Times at VA Hospitals? An Unexpected Proposal…

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In light of recent news here in CO (and across the US) that wait times at the VA are still egregiously long or are being manipulated to a point where veterans cannot utilize the Veterans Choice [...]

Life or Death Choices + New Website Look

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Since November contains both the Marine Corps Birthday and Veteran’s Day, I thought the first day of the month was as good as any to share a boiled down version of my story with you [...]

One Team, One Fight: We Can All Be Warriors

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In the spring of 2015, I had the honor - and the subsequent butterflies! - of delivering a keynote speech at the Service Member to Civilian Summit hosted by the University of Alabama. Many of [...]