Manifesting in the New Year – the Day of Epiphany

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I sat – slouched a bit – in a plastic chair with metal arms. We were in a room in a semi-destroyed building that US troops now used as office space for various units in [...]

Balance is Bullsh*t – Logotherapy part 3

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Wrestling with it is good.   Tension is necessary.   If we believe there is value in the conflict (often perceived as “darkness” when we’re in it), be it internal or external, it not only [...]

Explore more; immediately gratify less – A call for challenge, opportunity, and being present – Logotherapy Part 2

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Et Lux in tenebris lucet ~ and the light shineth in the darkness ~   Explore (aka: challenge, struggle, face obstacles, experience discomfort and resistance, etc) more; seek immediate gratification (aka: pleasure, boredom, lack of [...]

People Do Have Choice – Logotherapy part1

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Tonight in my regular Monday yoga class, I shared some excerpts from Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning to set the tone.   I did so because I often find myself saying to my classes [...]

We do not take a trip; a trip takes us – Where are you going in 2017?

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I finished reading Travels with Charley: In Search of America by John Steinbeck a couple weeks ago, and there are a couple key passages from it still bouncing around within me. Although this little excerpt [...]

“Domain Expiring” – Letting Go for the New Year

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An email arrived in my inbox with the subject line: Domain Expiring.   I opened it, and was reminded that I’d declined the auto-renew of a very special domain, my first domain, the one, the [...]