January 6-12, 2018 – A NEW YEAR RETREAT! 🙂 

Imagine yourself amidst a lush, fertile jungle on the Pacific Coast. You’re practicing yoga twice a day in an open-air pavilion at the Costa Rica Yoga Spa with an ocean view and nature all around. This magical setting is the perfect place to engage in a retreat that blends adventure with yoga, daily coaching, and the space needed for personal

With a million and one things to do every day, what we need most is time to pause and reflect,” says retreat leader Sarah Plummer Taylor. “We need to ask ourselves if we’re living our lives in alignment with what we actually value. This retreat is designed to awaken your spirit, build self-confidence, and help you refine or discover your authentic foundation.”

Sarah, a holistic health coach, college professor, and ERYT200/RYT-500 Yoga Alliance Registered yoga instructor, will lead one of the yoga or meditation class daily and Lisa Theis, ERYT-500, will teach another. Lisa says that her instruction provides a glimpse into the power behind the postures, the real and true transformation this practice brings to our lives. We work on ways access the depths in the body with breath and honor the personal experience and relationship each person has with Spirit. With both teachers, there’s always a bit of humor…after all, if we can’t laugh at ourselves, what can we laugh at?

In the evening, enjoy workshops on mindful living, goal-setting (PERFECT FOR THE NEW YEAR! 🙂 ), relationships, the chakras, and more. Use free time to take a jungle hike, explore local villages, relax in the dipping pool, sign up for a surf class, or enjoy the on-premise spa treatments.

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“I can’t even begin to express the gratitude I have for the retreat. It was an incredible experience not to mention the amazing group of new friends I have. I have not felt this way in a very long time and finally feel that I’m moving in a positive direction. I still feel like I’m on cloud 9 and I am extremely grateful for you coming into my life and bringing me yoga and meditation.”

Colleen Garbos , Toronto, Canada
“I gained so much from my experience in Costa Rica. I met amazing and strong women, all there for different reasons, but with similar goals and intentions. We laughed, sang, breathed, ate, practiced yoga, and took time for ourselves. Coming from a caregiver background it is easy to forget about taking care of myself, but this retreat reminded me about how important self care is and how much I want to share with others the significance of taking time for yourself. Retreat life is the sweet life.”

Corrin Vecchitto , Denver, CO
Overall an amazing experience and incredible journey! I loved what I learned and how I was exposed to all sorts of new things. This really was a life-changing experience because now I know what I want to continue exploring and where I want my life to continue its path. It was a perfect combination of yoga, activities and lectures. This was a great way to bond in all settings with our fellow retreaters.
Susan Koziol , San Diego, CA