This Hippie $hit Will Actually Change Your Brain – A Freedom Meditation for the 4th of July

Up front confession – If you have been reading my blogs since at least last fall, then I’ve shared this meditation with you before. Really want to cut to the chase? Here’s the recording:   Not-so-confession’y – why am I sharing it again? BECAUSE IT’S SO DANG POWERFUL. Lastly – it’s the freaking fourth [...]

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If Athletes Do This Without Question, Why Are So Many of Us So Skeptical?

Why practice? Specifically, why practice mediating, moving, and/or praying mindfully DAILY? Because it trains our brains during times of calm how to better respond in times of anxiety, pressure, or stress. It is like soccer practice versus the big match: we cultivate the skills and muscle memory mindfully when we have the time and space [...]

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