0300 –  So, I am officially “in country.”  We stopped in Frankfurt, Germany on our way over from the States.  The USO was worthless and it was a short stopover.  Got to Kuwait yesterday about 7pm local time, I think.  Waited around awhile, got ammo, waited, bus ride to Camp Victory, check in, unload gear, midrats at chow hall, and one hour at the internet café.  Had emails waiting for me from Matt, Margie, and Chris.  Got a quick reply from Mike before I left.  I miss him. L Back at the tent now.  Has good AC and I’m in my large USMC green sweatpants and AC Milan polar fleece.  Comfy :-). J

Feeling good.  Hasn’t hit me yet where I am.  Haven’t let myself think about it too much yet.
1545 – slept 5 hours last night then took a nice shower this morning.  It surprises me how so many of these girls still do all the frilly stuff in a place like this.  I guess I don’t do much of that ever anyway, so….My smallpox shot is getting bad.  My whole shoulder and armpit glands hurt pretty bad.  AC broke in the tent around 1300, so I took LCpl Rigby to get some lunch, to internet café, and phone center.  Sandwich from Subway tasted like feet; had emails from Tori, Becci, and Dad; and called Dad, Becci (left a message), and talked to Rachel for a bit.  Back at tent and AC works.  Will probably read, listen to music, and nap.
2145 – all this sleeping has been great.  Really only in like half hour snippets, but it feels good.  AC is on full blast now which is awesome.  I just finished Into the Wild; really good book and very thought provoking.  Will probably hit up the internet café again tonight before midrats and maybe some phone calls.  Thinking back on how after I went through OCS I felt like I understood Mike’s Academy mentality a little better….I hope after this deployment the same occurs – I feel like it has a little bit already.  I hope he is understanding of/for me, too.
Have discovered Jamison Parker’s Sleepwalker on my iPod and like it a lot.  Many of the songs make me think of Mike.  Pat McGee’s “I Know” from Shine is a new one that really makes me think of him, too.