pics of my first room at TQ

29Aug05 – 20:00Got up early to run again today and it went well.  Chow, internet, at work 10-5, chow, internet café.  Good emails from Kate, Theresa, and Chris today and finally got one from Mike from 11:00am Sunday his time (simple, but nice).  I hope we get mail tomorrow.  Very tired again and hope to pass out like I did last night.

From prayer journal: Lord, forgive my sins…impatience, swearing, anger, etc.  Help the time to pass quickly while I am in Iraq.  Help Rachel and Rob with their family problems.  Help Becci with a new school year.  Help Mom with not working.  Help Dad and Chris with their colds.  Help Matt on the range.  Help Patrick deal with Lauren.  Help Tori study.  Help Theresa be ready to deploy.  Help Margie do her daily reading.  Help Kate and Don.  Help Mike with his work and lift his spirits.  Help me to be more like Jesus.  Help me get a good night’s sleep.  Tell my mom I love her.  Thank you for each day on this earth.  You are an awesome God.
31 Aug 05 – 2130 – wedRun, pull ups, sit ups yesterday, worked, hung with Patrick and Lt Leff (VMU-2) a bit, no mail, was missing Mike a lot.
From prayer journal on the 31st: Jesus Christ, make me a good Marine for the sake of my Marines, my family, and all Americans. Only You can give me the strength, wisdom, and patience required to do my job well. I am nervous right now because everything is new. Please help me learn what I need to and know what is going on and what to do.
Let me get a good night’s sleep and have the strength to get up and run tomorrow. Make both me and Patrick less irritable with each other and in general, please; it’s getting old already.
Lord, keep after Mike’s heart. Heal him and love him. God thank you so much for the healing Theresa has experienced lately; continue to keep your eye on her. Send her my love. Comfort Rachel, Becci, and my parents and Grammy. Help Scott get prepped for deployment. Keep Teddy healthy. Comfort me.
Regular journal: Today, took a break and didn’t run this morning, which doesn’t mean I got more sleep. I was rudely awoken at 0200 for the third night in a row. I finally got a phone account this morning, though, and called Mike. We talked for about a half hour and it was so good to hear his voice. Then work 9-9. Patrick has been getting on my nerves lately; we are around each other way too much. So much of the day at work we’re doing nothing. Cool thing today was that I brought speakers in for my iPod. Makes me happy! J Oh, a mortar hit our base tonight. Felt better today (physically) but up early to run tomorrow. Miss everyone L Oh, I met the Wing Chaplain today. Very nice.