What do you and Wonder Woman have in common?

Access to a power pose that actually changes your mind, your courage, your confidence!

Did you know that in a matter of only TWO MINUTES you could “bio-hack” your mind and body without the use of any technology to access the strength and poise that already exists within you?

Look, we know there’s a lot of talk out there about the “mind body connection,” yet many of us are still skeptical.

If you’ve been a part of the Semper Sarah community for even a little while, you’ve heard me say this before, “Western science now proves what the yogis have been saying for millennium.”

Semper Sarah Plummer yoga ArmsExtended


You’ve probably also heard me say:

–       the mind body connection is REAL

–       change your BREATH, change your BRAIN

–       small changes make BIG differences


Utilizing Amy Cuddy’s expertise you can gain access to that very real mind-body connection and by changing your posture, breath, and thoughts you can better access your power, courage, and confidence. And although she discusses body language in the context of a professional setting, you can apply her wisdom to truly embracing the power of meditation, as well, in that small changes make big differences.  Studies have shown that even for a novice meditator, three minutes a day beings to improve neurological function within the first four days!

“Tiny tweaks lead to BIG CHANGES.”

Whether you do this fun breathing exercise for a few minutes a day and see big results over time, or try the “Wonder Woman” pose before your next interview or speech, embrace the power of simplicity and of your own agency.

You don’t have to do it ALL, all today.  Find what you can take action on and start where you are.

Cortisol and testosterone levels can change in as little as TWO MINUTES!

Watch Amy Cuddy’s TEDx video below and let us know what power pose you plan to try next!  🙂



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