“You better check yo’self before you wreck yo’self!”

Nah, I prefer, “You better adjust yourself before you wreck yourself.” 🙂

In light of a wonderful yoga class last night and amazing chiropractic adjustment after a sunset run tonight, I’ve got adjustment on the brain.  Let me explain…

Have you ever heard the saying “Small hinges open big doors”?  Or maybe it’s “little hinges swing big doors”?  Either way, you get the idea! 🙂  We spend so much time trying to make big moves, big changes, and big differences that we often forget about the smaller – but often equally powerful -movements available to us.  So, I’m here to remind you that minor modifications can go a long way in manifesting major transformation.

I encourage you to think about some of the suggestions for “adjustments” below.  Perhaps they apply to you directly, or maybe you can see them more as metaphors for goals in your own life:

The power of alignment: CONGRUENCE (aka: Harmony for you “hippies” out there ;0) ).

We must align our beliefs and desires about ourselves with who we actually are through character and habit.  When our beliefs and actions are out of alignment, we find ourselves on a quick road to unhappiness because the human mind reels when our views, thoughts, and behavior are not in harmony.  Know that you need to make a change?

Keep it simple: Take a quick scan of your life like how often at the end of a yoga class the teacher tells you to scan your body for tension while you prepare for resting pose.  Are you, for instance, claiming to be or perceive yourself as a healthy person but find that most days you’re not really eating well or exercising?  This may not seem like a big deal, but studies show that over time, this tears you down mentally when you’re not being who you think you are or want to be.  Do you have day after day of “I’m going to do x today” then not do it?  Maybe you need to reduce your to-do’s so the stuff that’s really important to you can actually get done, and there will be more congruence in your life, ergo more harmony and happiness.

So, try swapping one of your morning donuts with a banana or your afternoon coffee with a super greens juice, for example.


The power of awareness: YOGA as an example.

I’m a certified yoga instructor.  Most of my personal practice is done at home, alone.  But man, I tell you what, when I get into a studio and find a great class with a great teacher, it can make such a positive impact. Because what I get in the studio that I can’t get at home are adjustments from the teacher.  A good teacher barely even has to touch you to get you to shift in a way that can completely change your pose or your entire practice.

Good teachers – in any setting – are absolutely invaluable, but sometimes I have to practice at home.  So, I keep adjustments in mind…can I roll my hip under? Can I open my heart to the sky?  Metaphorically I apply this to other areas of my life, as well.  Can I sit taller, stand more balanced, or keep my core engaged while walking my dog?

Try applying this same principle to weight-lifting, running, or your posture while working and eating.  Be aware of your body.  Treat it well and let it work for you not against you.

*Photo example: adjustments = keeping my right foot flexed, sitting my hips back behind my heels, keeping my back straight, gaze forward, and chest lifted.  It’s a completely different pose when you stay properly aligned versus when you just slouch into the thing! 😉  Want an ever deeper adjustment?  (as pictured) Try gently guiding your right knee downward with your right hand and gently guiding your right foot up with your left hand.  See how that opens a different part of the hip? 🙂

Small swap to try: Straight instead of slouched posture at your desk, walking instead of driving to the grocery story that is a quarter mile away, or walking your dog for 30 minutes instead of 15.


The power of perspective: GRATITUDE.

I wrote about this last week, and it’s such a powerful little guy that I have to bring him up again.  Being grateful can absolutely transform your spirit! Can you make this small adjustment to your day: instead of waking up and checking your phone, can you take a few deep breaths, rise, do whatever you gotta do to take care of yourself, then take 2 minutes to jot down what you are grateful for?  It doesn’t have to be “deep.”  It can be anything from being thankful for your PJ’s to being thankful you’re alive.  At night, take 2 more minutes before bed to jot down what you are grateful for that happened that day (yes, even if you had a “crappy” day).

God never gives us a day without gifts….it’s just that they’re in packaging we don’t like sometimes.

Small swap to try: 2 less minutes on your phone first thing in the morning, 10 deep breaths at a red light instead of pounding the steering wheel, or thanking God that you made it home safely instead of taking it for granted.


Have you ever gone running and had a pebble in your shoe?  You keep running and running, though, because you don’t want to break your stride, stop, take off your shoe, shake it out, lace back up, then try to get going again.  But for however many minutes or miles you run on, you get progressively more irritated.  You find yourself enjoying your run less.  You’re less engaged with your environment.  Finally, you succumb and stop to take off your shoe. It turns out what felt like a rock was the tiniest little gravel fleck.  But once you removed that not-even-a-pebble from your shoe, you could get rolling in the right direction again.

So set off into the world first thing tomorrow morning.  In this case, it’s ok to start small.  Pick one, and actually do it, then add on as you go.

Take the time to make the small adjustments you need.  You may be surprised at how much lighter your stride gets.

Let us know which one you picked, or if you made a small adjustment of your own creation.  Inspire others here! 🙂


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