Whether you like it hot with the Heat or need a kick in the pants from the Spurs, you can use one or more of these tips to make your NBA Finals Night a fun – and healthy – one!  🙂

1. First: “Add-in.”  This is a great concept that helps keep all the nutrition mumbo-jumbo simple!  The more “good” stuff you add-in, the less room there is for the “bad stuff.”  Without engaging in a mindset of scarcity or depravity, you can “crowd-out” unhealthy food or drink by adding in more good stuff ahead of time.


2. “Do it or don’t do it, but do it.” Still indulge in those chicken wings, beers, and French fries.  Give yourself a head start by eating something healthy first, though (#1).  Then, if you’re gonna drink some beers, have them be the best, most fulfilling, tasty, satisfying beers you want. 

[If you actually like the taste of Miller 64, go for it, but lets be honest, who really enjoys beer-flavored water?]  You’re actually cheating yourself in the long run when you opt for low-fat, diet, or calorie-reduced treats.  Your body doesn’t recognize the chemicals in those food-like substances.  Chemicalized, artificial, junk food doesn’t just wreak havoc on our waistlines, but it’s been shown to cause forms of low-grade brain damage. Yes, seriously!  Sure you’re eating fewer calories, but you’re not really serving yourself because quality over quantity is what matters in the calorie ballgame.

Even outside of special occasions, I recommend this mindset to my clients.  All coffee, chocolate, and booze (or whatever your preferred food-related “treat” is) is not always bad all of the time.  In excess and/or low-quality form, it is.  So, treat yourself to something truly satisfying, or add-in an a healthier version (dark chocolate with cacao nibs) to crowd out the unhealthy version of treat (sugary milk chocolate).  You’ll eat/drink less of it, be less apt to binge on it later, and all-in-all be happier about the experience.


3.  Don’t be scurred of fat.  Have it, but if at all possible, let it be the good kind of fat.  Make some home-made popcorn using organic coconut oil; stir-fry some veggies in sesame or walnut oil; or enjoy a small amount of high-quality organic cheese or ice-cream.


BONUS TIP 4: While you’re chillin’ on the couch, snuggle up and cuddle with a loved one – human or animal.  Studies show touch is powerful, healthy thing 😉


There are lots of ways to keep fun nights fun but also be creative and healthy.  For now, we’ll KISS it and give you three lil tips.  Let me know how it goes for ya, and ultimately, just listen to your body and figure out what’s right for you.  One person’s poison could be another’s panacea.  So just roll with it! 😉


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