4 September 2005 – Sunday, 22:30
I’m sitting in my room with Kevlar and flak on because of a “Code Red.”  I’m not sure if it is a drill or for real.  I’d gone to the phone center again tonight, left two messages for Mom and Dad and two for Mike then got through to Rachel.  I was only on the phone for five minutes with her before the Code Red alarms went off.
So, I came to work this morning and had a long, nice email from Mike waiting for me.  I wrote him a very long email back with only the last paragraph explaining I had been feeling hurt because I hadn’t heard much from him all week. I hope he receives my comments with understanding and love, and not anger or defensiveness.  It’s just that time really passes slowly out here and it had been days (since Monday his time) since I’d gotten more than the two-liner apology from him Wednesday/Thursday.  He has internet at his house…he couldn’t even type something up Friday after work?  Anyway, I pray that I’m saying/doing what I should and that Mike will be sympathetic and understanding.
I got another so-so night’s sleep, so was a bit tired today.  I went for a long, early morning walk with Patrick, showered, went to work, chow, and worked all day.  I learned even more today and feel pretty good about things.
Oh, it turns out the Code Red was real.  I’ll probably find out more about that at work tomorrow.
Anyway, it was a decent day today.  I’m thankful to be alive.  I’m tired and it’s time for bed now though.

this is my Code Red face

5 Sept 05 – 21:30, Monday

[Labor Day…not that I noticed.]  I had a restless sleep last night and got up for a so-so run this morning and some abs.  shower then to phone center and got to chat with Mom and Dad for about 20 minutes.  I got to work around 9.  I had another great e-mail from Mike waiting for me.  He told me even more about his week, work, what he was up to, etc and responded with understanding to my request for daily communication. 

Around noon we came to the Alamo to get mail (finally got our box of stuff) and then I dashed to the phone center to call Mike.  Got him at 10:30pm Sunday his time and in the middle of his wet-down.  He was drunk and funny. J  Then I called Matt and we chatted for about fifteen minutes – ordinary but nice.

Then back to work till 9pm but had a great day and learned A TON more.  Very exciting mission today tailing guys in ______. 

Overall, my spirits are up and I am feeling like myself again.

From my prayer journal: God, you are amazing! J  Thank you so much for raising my spirits, giving me guidance, and steering my relationships.  I pray that you make good, solid days like today the majority here while I am deployed.  When I feel like myself, work is good, time passes quickly, and things are good with Mike, I feel fantastic.  Please help me to maintain this demeanor.  You do so much for me daily, Lord, and I thank you with all of my heart.  On a serious note: please keep Kate safe on her travels tonight and/or tomorrow.  Also, I pray that Mike gets home safely from his party.  I love my family so much, God; please let them know that and that I miss them.  “In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1Thessalonians 5:18

6 Sept 05 – Tuesday, 21:35

Today was a GOOD day.  I went for a good run/walk/lunge type run, did a set of pyramid pull ups 1-7, and abs, then a quick light lift.  We got to work at 9am and stayed till 9pm, but it went quickly for me.  I picked Kate (Hendricks) up at Lakeside around 10:30, brought her to the office, chatted a bit, then to chow with her little brother, back to work for awhile, then evening chow just me and Kate.  It was GREAT to see her and we got to chat lots. 

I got TWO nice emails from Mike today and was in very good spirits because of that, too.  Then at the very end of the day I got kind of a snotty email from him, though.

I really miss girlfriends.  Bummer.

No roommate anymore and VMU-2 is gone, so I hope to start sleeping better.