1– Look at the goal, not the goalie (Put energy into opportunities, not obstacles; Set positive goals)
2– Take the shot (Choose to take action)
3–  Follow through (Dedicated practice produces positive results)
4– Go for the header (Push personal limits and step outside your comfort zone)
5– Give and go (Act generously; be selfless)
6– Accept the off-season (Transition through the unexpected)
7– Press the big five (Be persistent)
8– Thrive in overtime (Overcome challenges while maintaining positive character)
9–  Accept post-game analysis (Welcome feedback  in order to learn from your mistakes)
10– Be coachable (Know the value of mentors, coaches, and teachers)
11–  Thank your fans (Live with an attitude of gratitude)

Build character traits like maturity, selflessness, audacity, reliability, and humility in order to make yourself and the world a better place. Teach students to make a difference and live life with zest!