3 November 2005, 08:20, Thursday

I was up at 0600, out of bed at 0615 to literally stumble to work next door for the brief at 0630.  We’ve got dual ops going.  The crew here consists of Capt Funkhouser, MSgt Gomez, me, SSgt Cornejo, LCpl Daniels and LCpl Koopman, four civilians, and like four other (non-intel) VMU Marines running around.
Anyway, the showers and heads are co-ed (since Lt Deleal and I are the only two females) and that was interesting this morning walking in on a Major while he was shaving.  And as much as everyone warned me about how cold it was going to be out here, it’s not that bad.  In fact, it’s perfect during the day, a little chilly in the morning, and at night I’m in bed in a room with a heater.
my room in AQ
I’m reading Jarhead right now, so it’s got me in one of those pensive, journalistic mindsets kind of like when I was reading Into the Wild.  Other than my back still hurting, I am having a good time so far.  Everyone is on the headset and gets along and jokes and stuff.  (My writing’s not so hot right now because I’m actually at work).  We are 17-18 miles from the Syrian border, but in the middle of nowhere.  Ok, gotta go for now.
21:00 – The rest of the day was uneventful other than good conversation about life, etc with Dave in the afternoon.  I perked up after dinner and my back feels a little better.  It is noisy here, though, and I probably won’t sleep great again.  I will read for a while first.