5 November 2005, 2130, Saturday – D Day

So, Operation Steel Curtain kicked off today.  It was eventful and busy, but nothing my Marines couldn’t handle.  We helped find insurgents, blow up over 10 buildings, and kill bad guys.  I sat in on the mission for a while this morning and it was great; I definitely got fired up.  J  Overall, the work day was good.  I enjoy working with Dave, Cornejo, and Daniels and Koopman a lot.  I feel like everyone respects me, but we have a good time. 

I did a puny workout today in the very meager gym here, met my new roommate (a CH-46 pilot, female, Captain, very cool, but works the night shift), and dealt with a horrible all-day dust storm.  The sandstorm was the worst I’ve ever seen.  Everything is just covered with silt and I feel like my eyes, throat, and lungs are, as well.  I barely slept at all last night, so I am run down, but will truck along.  I can’t imagine how the guys out in the field feel.

I do not like Patrick “that way.”  He has some very redeeming qualities, but I don’t see me with him long-term and it’s so not worth any fling anyway because of work.  I heard from Alex today via email; it’s been over a month since he last wrote.  He sent me some pics; he is hot. J  I also got an affectionate email from Chris.  He got jets, by the way.  He still makes romantic overtures, but I dunno, ya know.