living and work spaces at AQ


6 November 2005, 2030, Sunday
Today was a good day.  Work passed pretty quickly, lunch was awesome, I watched some Dave Chapell Show with Dave, ran with Lt Deleal, lifted, back to work, shower, and back to work.  At the end of the day we blasted 80’s rock and were totally silly.  It was a blast! My Marines are great.  I would rather stay here than TQ if I could get a permanent living space.  Having a fun crew to work with makes such a huge (positive) difference.
Oh, this morning, we had eyes on a building they were about to drop bombs on, and all of a sudden a group of women and children came down the street and stood in the courtyard of that house.  We called friendlies off, saving 20 innocent Iraqis’ lives; it gave everyone a really good feeling.  Other than that, the insurgents mostly stayed inside, so we didn’t see too much action.  Oh, I also talked to Capt Schrantz this afternoon for a while about flying and stuff.  She was super positive about what she does and it got me all excited about going back to flight school.  Boy will I miss having Marines, though.  Also, she is a Christian and we talked about that a bit, too.
Anyway, overall, I feel very fatigued, but my morale is high again.  I totally don’t want to date Patrick and I’ve barely even thought of Mike.  I think of Chris and Matt if anyone.
P.S. You can see even more stars in the sky here than at TQ.
P.P.S I have another new nickname/callsign they gave me here: “Pep Rally.”  Hhahaha! J
PPPS  I forgot to write about how on the flight out here, as I looked out the back hatch of the CH-53, I could see little dust tornados (Tasmanian devils) all across the desert.  I thought that was neat.
I am happy.  I confess, I feel a little chubby or something, but am feeling much more like myself again the last couple of days.  Thanks, Lord J and please read the worries of my heart, and comfort and protect all my Marine friends, family, and dear ones.

Frogs all lined up at AQ