7 November 2005, 2230 Monday

Another good and quick day today at work.  We blew up LOTS of buildings.  In fact, a couple of the GBU’s dropped were dropped by Shaggy!  (Scott’s friend we hung out with in VA Beach).  How cool is that?!  I didn’t work out today, but did laundry in the afternoon instead.  Lots of laughs all day, but worked about 16 hours.  Feeling a little better but have the sniffles.  I need good sleep so desperately.
Dear Lord, please keep special watch over all the Marines and soldiers throughout this operation.  Send love to my lovelies J, be with Scott on his flight with Puck, Chris on his flight home, and Alex at work.  Fill me with your spirit, Jesus, and thank you so much for all you do every day.
8 November 2005, 2011 Tuesday
We had a pretty uneventful day work-wise.  The Marines have basically already cleared the city.  Although, tonight some Tomcats dropped GBU’s again.  I got some Sudafed and Tylenol for my cold today because I was feeling very icky.  Took a short nap this afternoon and then ended up going for a great run.  (I didn’t carry my pistol this time).  Even with a very strong headwind the whole backstretch I felt really smooth.  Apparently my running attracts IDF, though.  AQ hasn’t taken any in months and today on my run a round hit VERY close to me…but I just kept going.  Anyway, after my run I talked to my roomie (Capt Jen Schrantz) for a while.  She is really nice.  Then after work I had a good chat with Dave about guys, religion, and life.  I started off the day poopy, but feel pretty good now. 
Lord, I pray that You lift Theresa up right now, too.  She is feeling down and really needs your love.  Thank you for DJ’s understanding, and all my great friends that I love so much.  Help me to be more understanding and compassionate, Lord.

Scan Eagle “landing”