It’s already the end of September (yikes!). Things are beginning to cool down, but I want to cover three “hot” wellness topics with you that can help you feel your very best:

  • Alkalinizing
  • Juicing (photo from
  • Inflammation reduction

First, you need to know the difference between acid and alkaline forming foods, because alkalinizing our bodies is a helpful tactic in overall health. Please find this basic hand out HERE depicting the spectrum of foods with acid or alkaline qualities.  In a nut shell, you want more alkaline in your life 🙂

Second, juicing can be a great compliment to your healthy lifestyle and a powerful way to alkalinize.  Here’s a little handout for you on store bought vs homemade, some basic background on it, and few handy dandy recipes.  Download it HERE

Third, reducing inflammation – internal and external – is helpful to building resilience.  Alkaline foods do that (reduce inflammation) and, yup, you guessed it, I’ve got another handy dandy lil handout about it for you HERE.

Perhaps these handouts will spark some ideas for you to tweak things. They’re just the tip of the iceberg for these topics.

–> Only change one to three major things at once.  You want to be able to discern what shift is causing what change, and not feel further frazzled by too many changes happening at once.  

Give one – or up to all three – of these things a try and write me back to let me know how it went. I READ EVERY EMAIL YOU SEND ME and every comment you post! 🙂

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