Today’s significance:
– It’s the first day of July already.  This is craziness!!  Also of note, it is now only one week until my 30th birthday….craziness, as well 😉

trial camp, Tampa FL, March 2011: I almost blocked Britt! 😉

-Today, I begin a month long journey.  It has been a year since I’ve been overseas, therefore I consider myself long overdue for some real jetsetting! I’ve done my fair share of bouncing around the US throughout the last year, but today I drive from OH to VA, spend five days there, then fly to FL, spend a week there, then fly to Brazil and spend ten days there competing in the Military World Games with the Women’s Soccer team, then stay in Brazil for about five days with friends before heading back to the US.
 -This impending travel got me thinking about all the places I’ve been in my life thus far, and I realized that in 30 years I’ve been to 35 countries and moved 23 times. Ok, so the numbers aren’t EXACTLY 30, but they’re close enough that it made for a good title ;-p
 Two for two hemispheres; six for seven continents; three for five oceans
1 Japan
2 Korea
3 US
4 England
5 Mexico/6 Grand Cayman (visited on a cruise, so I feel like they don’t “fully” count)
7 Puerto Rico/8 Bahamas/9 St Thomas  (also cruise visits)
10 Czech Republic
11 Germany
12 Kuwait
13 Iraq
14 India
15 The Netherlands
16 Belgium
17 Canada
18 Peru
19 Ireland and Northern Ireland (UK) – really two separate countries, but counting as one because England/UK is already listed
20 Cyprus
21 the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus 
22 Greece
23 Italy
24 Austria
25 Switzerland
26 Spain
27 Portugal
28 Morocco
29 Chile
30 Argentina
31 Uruguay
32 Denmark
33 New Zealand
34 Australia
35 France
* to add to the list later this month: Brazil
* hope to add later this year: Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, and Macedonia
* chunks of the world I’m missing: Central America, Southeast Asia, and much more of Africa

As for the having moved 30 times claim….it’s more like 23 times but I have kind of lumped a few together that are ambiguous “moves” where I lived out of a suitcase/my car for extended periods of time.  So it’s 23 +/- 3 depending on how you count!   That combined with 35 countries visited I figure rounds out to the 30/30/30 claim…right? 😉

Anyway, just thought I’d provide a little background for those of you who are new friends following along.  As for everyone else, please stay tuned for updates on birthday fun, training camp, and Brazil competition! 🙂  I must say before closing: I consider myself INCREDIBLY blessed to have the opportunity to play soccer abroad.  This is likely the closest I’ll ever get to the real Olympics, and I love experiencing other countries and cultures this way in addition to the traveling I’ve done on my own. …and for that, I am always grateful.