Dear Semper Sarah peeps,

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So, moving on…

Change is in the air, and that’s a good thing!  Here’s a run-down of what’s been in my mix lately and why it matters to you 🙂

1. I moved to Denver Colorado!  For those of you with whom I was working in Ohio, you already know this.  But don’t fret, I can still coach and instruct you remotely via Skype.  Also, I have speaking engagements booked throughout 2013 which will continue to bring me back to Columbus! 🙂  By the way, I miss all of you 🙁

For those of you in the Denver area, although we have obviously already connected to some degree, lets continue to do so.  Since I’m only 2 weeks new to the area, I am busting my booty to link up with local businesses and schools in order to serve our students, community, and local organizations.  If you know of anyone who could benefit from my inspirational speaking or motivational coaching, please feel free to share my info with them, or let me know.

2.  I am currently enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition which is based in New York City. I am not only learning to improve my own life, I am also receiving very detailed and careful instruction on how to coach others around food and lifestyle choices. It’s an exciting time! I am in week three of the year-long program and although I have already been practicing as a Health Coach, I am now amplifying my current business skillset by achieving my official certification as one.  I decided to increase my knowledge and learn, in a formal training program, how to live a better life through eating well and taking care of myself.  I will be continue working with people on how to reach their health goals, including getting unstuck after a difficult or traumatic event, stress reduction, increasing energy, improved fitness, and empowering their confidence. I’ll accomplish this by supporting them with their food, lifestyle, and exercise choices.  As you know, I have always had an interest in health, nutrition, and healing and enjoy sharing this knowledge with my friends, colleagues, and family. I look forward to sharing more with you about all of the benefits of this work. I’ll be inviting people to health consultations in the near future, to have the opportunity to support them to create happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. I’ll be in touch periodically to let you know how my training is progressing. I appreciate being able to share this with you, and if you have any questions about working with me or questions about the program, please let me know.
3. In order to add yet another weapon of health to my wellness arsenal, I have become a YOR Health associate.  These are patented, proven, incredibly high-quality supplements, vitamins, and super green mixes that are a great way to immediately add a healthy boost and sustainable energy to your life. About 9 out of 10 of the supplements are vegetarian, raw, and/or vegan, by the way! And I know not everyone has the time to shop for fresh, organic veggies every day, so I really appreciate the “easy button” factor of this health line. As with everything I do, if you have any questions at all about this, please do not hesitate to ask.  This might be a really great way for you to create your very own healthy lifestyle right away.

4. I just spent the past weekend in Los Angeles at the James Malinchak College Speaking Success Bootcamp.  It was a great event and I was invited to speak in front of his more than 250 guests.  I was blessed to spend time with some of my friends and award-winning speakers such as Julie Marie Carrier, Danny Brassell, Jonathan Sprinkles, and Bart Christian. Moreover, it was a great opportunity to further hone my skills as a speaker so I can better serve the audiences I aspire to inspire 🙂  And one more treat – before the conference even started, I got to spend an entire afternoon in Santa Monica with one of my all-time bff’s, awesome Doctor of Physical Therapy, Theresa Hornick.  We at at Urth Cafe, took a stroll on the boardwalk, and played around on the rings at Muscle Beach and did yoga poses by the volleyball courts.  It was an all-around perfect weekend!


5. This coming Friday I will fly back to Columbus Ohio to play on the US Australian Rules Football League Women’s National Team. Saturday is the Parallel Cup where Team USA plays Team Canada for the right to call themselves the North American Champions!  It is bound to be a total blast of a weekend and I can’t wait to reconnect with old friends and bond with new ones.

Whelp, that about wraps it up for now, folks!  I hope you are well and I hope your week is rolling off to a great start. I look forward to talking with you soon.


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