Are you at peace with your leadership style?  Larry Broughton, one of my guest expert speakers at the December 1st JUST ROLL WITH IT BOOTCAMP in San Diego, discussed the value of personal responsibility in leadership roles in one of his recent FLASHPOINTS newsletters.

By the way, you can register before Veteran’s Day (that’s 11 November) to attend the transformational Bootcamp for only $97 (the investment will return to $297 after the holiday).  The JRWI Bootcamp is a fusion of health&wellness AND personal growth &professional development because I think too many people have been treating nutrition and the rest of our lives as if they are completely unrelated, and it’s about time we start recognizing that all levels of our health (spiritual, physical fitness, professional, relationships, and nutrition) are actually connected.  Perhaps we can maintain one aspect of our “health” in spite of another for some amount of time, but eventually we will fall out of balance and element of our health will suffer.  However, integrating all areas of our health is what will allow us to live in significance, purpose, and happiness and will breed true (and lasting) success.  Moreover, I believe we find a sense of peace within ourselves – as leaders and simply as humans in relationship with those around us – when we take personal ownership over the choices we make in regards to the health of our personal and professional relationships. Ultimately, we all have the ability to choose to live the life we love and love the life we live. 🙂  Once you realize the power of choice in creating the life of your dreams, you become a leader to everyone you interact with.

“Leaders are not morally-bound to infuse others with greatness. The greatest of leaders, however, tap the fountain of greatness found deep within us all.   

At some point on your journey you’ll find yourself questioning who you are and whether you’ve made the right choices.  Sure, it helps at times to reflect and be critical of yourself and the choices you’ve made—this can sharpen your edge, create positive change, and foster new opportunities.  But, before you get too critical, remember there’s honor in strong and selfless leadership.  Be sure not to think too much about how things could’ve been if you had made your choices differently.  It’s a destructive waste of time—and you can’t go back and change what you did yesterday.  Instead, look toward the future—take responsibility for your choices, and keep reminding yourself of the privilege it is to be a leader.  Are you at peace with your leadership style?”
(Larry Broughton
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