Take your morning seriously…but not too seriouslyThe morning sets the tone for your entire day, so do your best to start it well.  The choice to have a good one is all yours!  I’m posting this on a Friday so you don’t have the excuse of not trying these things for lack of time – tomorrow is Saturday, so just give it a shot! 🙂


Watch the video below to see what I suggest:

1. As soon as you wake up, go to the bathroom.  Everybody poops…if you’re not, something is wrong.  W-r-o-n-g, wrong.  Just kidding, but seriously.  Whether or not you have regular, healthy elimination each morning is a great indicator of your digestive functionality and overall health.  Start paying attention to what your body is doing first thing in the morning and make it a habit to “go” before you do anything else with your day.


2. (Wash hands.)  Scrape your tongue from back to front before brushing your teeth. As with point #1, use this exercise as a clue to how your body is functioning.  If there is super icky, funky stuff on your scraper or tooth brush, you likely need to make some dietary changes.  If nothing else, though, you at least clean the tongue off from the get-go and give yourself a fresh, clean start.


3. Before eating breakfast or drinking coffee, drink a room temperature glass of water with some lemon squeezed in it.   This is one of the easiest, and basically free, ways to take care of your digestive system at the start of your day.  Lemon water will boost your immune system, balance your pH, aid in digestion as it gets your tummy basically all warmed up for the brekky that is about to hit it, hydrates the lymph system, and vitamin C also is associated with skin-clearing benefits.

So, that’s it for today, folks.  Keeping it super simple, with more instruction coming soon!

Do you already do one of these three rituals in the morning?  If so, tell us about it! Or feel free to suggest something else super simple to supplement our morning routine.

PS Check out this BONUS video (you’re welcome! ;-p ) and why I think this is something you should add to your morning, too! Take your time, breath deep, get grounded.

PPS Double bonus! ;-p  —  If you want an idea for an easy, healthy breakfast, check out this recipe.

May your day be filled with friendship, gratitude, and health.  Get rollin’ with it! 🙂