You know what? I want to live in a world where people are authentically happy, healthy, successful and goin’ with the flow even after they’ve been through the ringer! Where $hit happens and we don’t get stuck in that place forever.  Maybe it’s combat, divorce, injury, dislocation, losing a friend or loved one, or even sexual assault that’s caused you to feel stuck.

We’ve all been through trauma or love someone who has.

I’ve certainly seen my share of it, and besides what I’ve been through personally – from being struck by lightening, hit by a car, suffering a mini-stroke, battling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and having a laundry list of inexplicable medical issues –  where I’m seriously heart-broken, is in seeing incredible people not moving forward with their dreams, or being sick, tired, in pain, angry, or depressed forevermore because they can’t figure out what really works to get them out of their slump. Since I’ve been such a mess myself in the past yet gone on to build a life I truly love, I know that you can, too!

Because I love you, I want you to have the tools to actually be healthy again – heck! to become healthier than you were before that crappy thing or things happened to you – and create a life you’re freaking excited about, to have sustainable health on all levels.  Maybe your life isn’t a “mess,” but we can all always learn something new about how to be even healthier or happier.

But I can’t save the world alone. ;-p I need you, I need community, and you all need each other.

So, I’ve created  a ridiculously awesome workshop called the Just Roll With It Bootcamp.  It’s a seminar series all about taking a mind-body-spirit approach to true, whole health, happiness, fitness, and success and translating it into tangible “take-homes” which empower you to create a positive ripple effect with your family, friends, and community.  It’s about living the life of purpose you’ve always wanted and being able to go with the flow, have more energy, reduce stress, create better fitness, and get more joy out of life.

Semper Sarah's Just Roll With It Bootcamp San Diego December 1 2013 with Team Red White & Blue attendees

Semper Sarah’s Just Roll With It Bootcamp San Diego December, 1 2013 with Team Red White & Blue attendees

Listen, I’ve spent the last decade of my life in a constant state of evaluation, education, and growth.  I’ve done the After-Action-Report for you!  I’m shortening  your learning curve and connecting the dots for you.  It will be up to you to translate that knowledge into power through action.

The longest journey in the world still starts with just one step…and the Just Roll With It Bootcamp is the perfect step for you to take to help yourself and others move toward a better life.

Put one boot in front of the other – now.

I warmly invite you to claim a spot at one of my popular, empowering, and transformative 2013 workshops.  They are filling up fast and locations are in DC, TX, CO, and CA. The next one is May 11th in Arlington, VA.

There’s even a week-long version of the seminar called the Just Roll With It Yoga&Adventure Retreat in breath-taking COSTA RICA in July. Awesomeness, right?! 🙂 Well, I’m only taking 16 people for that full-immersion international excursion, and the price goes up $200 May 1st, so register as soon as you can.


It all begins this spring, but now is the time to CHOOSE to live the life you love and love the life you live.  Not only is it absolutely possible, it’s sitting right in front of you.

* If you’re interested in sponsoring a veteran or otherwise supporting these events, please reach out to my lovely Business Manager, Valerie Rosalie, at Additionally, I am immensely appreciative that scholarships are available for veterans and their spouses through our “General” Level Sponsor, the non-profit group, Team Red White & Blue.

TAKE ACTION! Join me and my guest-speaker friends, who are experts in their respective health&wellness fields yet down to earth real people who speak your language, at the next Bootcamp or Retreat! We can’t wait to meet you there! 🙂

With all my love,

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Dates for my Just Roll With It Bootcamp for Transitioning Warriors in 2013 are:

11 May – Washington DC – registration is open!

1 June – Houston TX

24 August – San Diego CA

21 September (projected date) – Denver CO

October/November – Columbus OH and/or Syracuse NY



The Just Roll With It Yoga&Adventure Retreat in COSTA RICA is now open for registration

+ 20-26 July 2013

+ Mind-Body-Spirit Full Immersion Excursion

+ Yoga, holistic health, lifestyle and wellness coaching, hiking, surfing, zip-lining, oh my!

+ Email to register