Are You In or Out?

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Remember when I pondered liminal space and how helpful, albeit uncomfortable, it can be at times?   How it’s necessary to honor the space between not yet and no longer? From mental health research to [...]

Faith, what is it good for?

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“Without exception, spirituality – the belief in connection, a power greater than self, and the interconnections grounded in love and compassion – emerged as a component of resilience.” ~Brené Brown   Personal stories and research [...]

Service Human In-Training part 3 – EPIC FAIL

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"Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure." ~Napolean Hill   This morning I had the grand illusion of taking Eloise to someone else’s yoga class for the first [...]

Manifesting in the New Year – the Day of Epiphany

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I sat – slouched a bit – in a plastic chair with metal arms. We were in a room in a semi-destroyed building that US troops now used as office space for various units in [...]

Balance is Bullsh*t – Logotherapy part 3

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Wrestling with it is good.   Tension is necessary.   If we believe there is value in the conflict (often perceived as “darkness” when we’re in it), be it internal or external, it not only [...]


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