Sarah has greatly influenced the way I view the world and what is possible. I have always been a dreamer, but Sarah has acted on her hopes and aspirations. To me, as a dreamer, that is extremely motivational. Since the moment I met her, she was full of stories you would swear were from Forrest Gump, that were so exciting to listen to: tales of traveling the world, meeting all types of people, immersing herself in others’ cultures, so many cool exciting things that make me want to do the same. When people act on their dreams, it is truly inspirational to me. It shows that there’s no reason your dreams can’t come true if you really want them. Also, through listening to her stories I’ve learned that the path to attaining those goals are not easy. I’ve heard and seen the planning and work that went into her actions. BUT the reward far outweighed the work. I like to see it as she lives her life unwritten: she takes risks in pursuing her goals, so her future is uncertain as opposed to simply sitting at a desk 9-5 five days a week, where life is predictable. And that’s the life I want to live, the unwritten one, and she has showed me that it’s very possible and rewarding. And that is how she’s put her 3 legged footprint on my life 🙂