Bulletproofing the Psyche: Mindfulness Interventions in the Training Environment to Improve Resilience in the Military and Veteran Communities

While clinical health services exist for service members with existing mental health conditions like posttraumatic stress, they are not stemming the rising tide of service suicides. A new approach to mental health intervention and suicide prevention in military-connected personnel is required, one that speaks to the participatory, hard-working ethos of military culture. Social work and [...]

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Your Nose Knows – Getting Balance, Clarity, and Calm With this Powerful Breathwork

Ever heard of or tried "alternate nostril breathing" or nadi shodhana (in sanskrit)? Nope? Well, you're not alone! This simple, yet powerful, way of breathing is one that taps into all sorts of intuitive body-based helper systems within us. Huh? That was my verbose way of saying, this breath work does the (good) work for [...]

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Restore & Rebuild: A Free Resilient Leadership Retreat for Veterans this March

Resilient Leadership Retreat for OIF/OEF Veterans A quick break in my regular blogging programming to ask you to please help Just Roll With It Wellness LLC share a unique opportunity with wounded, injured, or ill veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. The retreat is this March in beautiful Charleston, SC. Lodging, food, and gear are all covered, and travel [...]

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Living Your Practice: Incorporating Yoga Into Your Daily Life

Like many other things in life, yoga practice becomes deeper and more meaningful as you spend more time with it. In Yoga Sutra 1.14, Patanjali notes that the three keys to success in any aspect of life are to do it for a long time, without interruption, and with full sincerity. Yet today’s busy world [...]

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The Pistol or the Yoga Mat?

Originally posted January 4, 2016 by Yoga Service Council in Trauma-Informed Yoga / Veterans A couple of years ago, in a New Year’s Eve note to my readers on SemperSarah.com, I encouraged them to be vulnerable. Then, I decided, I was going to walk my talk. First, I shared this note with them. Then, I included an expanded version of it in my [...]

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Does It Piss You Off When People Tell You To “Just Let It Go?”

Ya, me too. But I think that's because somewhere deep down I know I need to. I need to just. Let. It. Go. So, I got to thinkin' - I'm probably not the only one who's felt this way! And as we approach the New Year and goals and resolutions galore begin to crop up [...]

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Resilience – Want It? Build It. Here’s a meditation to try.

Whether you’re “into meditation” or not, I think you will enjoy this blog today. As my dear friend and owner of Third Eye Yoga, Lisa Theis, says "Meditation is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Though easy to dismiss, taking even 3 minutes out of your day to quiet your mind can [...]

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Brave Strong True – Happy Veterans Day to You

"Honest, humble, and humorous, I enjoyed every page of this book and plan to share it with everyone I know - veteran and civilian alike!" It is truly my honor to share something special with you today, a special day. First of all, I sincerely wish you well this Veterans Day. Secondly, please take a [...]

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How Athletes Integrate Yoga In Their Workouts (guest post)

Yoga has long been known for its mental and physical fitness benefits. Until relatively recently, however, many top athletes derided it as “soft” and “earthy,” irrelevant to their hardcore training regimens. Today, however, opinions have changed. As science continues to demonstrate the incredible transformative powers of yoga, more and more high achieving athletes have begun [...]

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The Lady Bulldogs Are the Most Winning Team in Sports-Crazed Denver

If we're not connected on social media, you may have missed the latest posting about one of my personal passions, an "Engaged and Excited" staple in my SEMPER Sarah life: AUSTRALIAN RULES FOOTBALL. Did you know that the Denver Lady Bulldogs are THE most winning team in this sports crazy town of Denver? Wulp, we [...]

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