“This is just the visual difference that 6 months made when I started making better choices in how I lived my life and applied principles we discussed during your coaching and expressed in your book.

No surgeries, prescriptions or fad diets.

Just eating healthy, exercising, sleeping, and re-centering my life around core values.”

Robert is a partner in a top global law firm and founder of the Christian ministry, Arms of Love International.

You see, Robert and I worked together in 2014. He was a busy guy with a lot on his plate – a family he loved, a job he cared about, a non-profit to manage, and health concerns that were weighing him down.

Robert and I worked together in 2014. He emailed me a couple months ago simply to share his story, his progress, and his gratitude, and to ask for some feedback on his current projects. I am so grateful that he did.

He went on to say, “I believe in your holistic approach to health and wellness and that it’s something worth promoting. All sides need to be clicking, the physical, spiritual, relational parts of life. You can’t leave any of them behind, or you’ll spin sideways.”

I just have to say how amazing I think this man is. He is working on his first book now, and it’s a powerful story about rising out from childhood abandonment and using that narrative to fuel his passion to help other children around the world who have been neglected and abandoned by their families.

Robert re-calibrated his life to align with his core values. 

He is a walking, talking, living, breathing example of self-care, social support, and spirituality. He trained himself to enjoy healthy foods again, he’s moving every day, he’s mentoring others and running small groups, and deepening relationships and his own spiritual practices. He is living ‪#‎resilience‬

I’m only working with a few private clients at a time right now, so if you’re interested in collaborating and creating a life that’s a little sweeter, a little fuller, and a whole lot healthier in the ways that are important to YOU, please contact me soon.

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