If you’re not connected with me on the Semper Sarah Facebook page, you may have missed out on all the great lil’ nuggets o’ wisdom I’ve been posting the last few weeks. But don’t fret my pet, I’ve gathered them all up for you in a nice little package here in this week’s blog! 🙂

I’ve been in Nosara, Costa Rica completing yoga teacher training that goes toward my 500hour RYT certification.  I jokingly call this “yoga camp,” and it might sound like it’s all fun and games for Semper Sarah LLC down here, but the truth of the matter is that as much as it is an absolute joy and blessing to be here, it’s a lot of hard work, too.  They say that Costa Rica Yoga Spa – the host of our training program –  is the “land of mirrors” and that the yoga rancho where we practice every day (3 or more times a day!) is the “spaceship.”  In other words, this land takes you places, transforms you, and makes you face your proverbial “shit.”

Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, we put ourselves to the test from sunrise and well past sunset for 21 days straight.  There were a lot of tears, a lot of pain, and too many hugs and smiles to count because like anything in life, the beautiful stuff has qualities of light and dark, joy and pain, growth and rebirth.  Finding joy in the journey and being patient with the process will allow you to just roll with the changes as they come, though.

When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see?  If you don’t, what can you change, TODAY, one little step at a time?

These bits of wisdom will guide you.  My teachers, Ashley Ludman and Rebecca Kovacs, of The Yoga Paradigm, have instilled a new sense of authenticity, passion, and service in me.  My hope is to share even a fraction of that love and insight with you today in order to inspire you to your personal greatness and contribute something positive to this world we all live in together.  Healing is possible.   So lets do this thing! 😉









A compilation of my teachers’ words, my thoughts, and paraphrasing others :)…

Once we see injuries as teachers, we can handle them more graciously.

Truth is one. Paths are many.

A simple and abundant life is a grateful life.

The way beyond it is through it.

When you work to heal yourself, you make space for others to heal, too.

To record does not necessarily mean you are reflecting.  Seek self-study on a deeper level.

Discern between discipline and surrender.

Step into a humble heart with assertiveness and compassion so that the $hit doesn’t pull you off course.

Simplicity creates focus; focus purifies.

What starts as honey ends as poison; what starts as poison ends as honey.  This is what yoga teaches us – obstacles can turn into opportunities.

Yoga is simply choosing which consciousness to follow.

Where the breath goes, prana flows.

From balance comes clarity.

Let your obstacles be your vehicles.

The truth will set you free.  But it’ll probably piss you off first.

Small changes create profound shifts.

The neutral mind is the peaceful mind.

Own your shadows.  See them, be aware of them, but don’t judge them and let them identify you.

Om navah shivaya guravay – see the teacher in everything, even the ups and downs.

Break old patterns; form new ones that allow you to follow your heart and create your dreams.

Less separation. More integration.

Live your words.

COURAGE instead of fear; PEACE instead of worry.

You have all the time you need.

Can you turn fear into curiosity?

The purpose of yoga is to reduce as much suffering as possible.

Divine grace is the full spectrum of any outcome.

Truth is on the rise.

You, the real you, is already perfect.  The clarifying and purifying we need to do has to do with clearing the patterns of our mind and emotions.

Just meditate for 5 minutes a day. If you don’t have time for that, meditate for 20.

Force less; flow more.

Happiness breeds success.

Exhale only love.

Walk gently.

“If you put your soul into anything, you can plug into the whole world.”  Yogi Bhajan

That which you seek is already within you.

Be patient with the process.  Find joy in the journey.

Let’s go for it!:)