My friend, Jenn, is one of the most curious people I know. Her inquisitiveness is something I admire because it bespeaks a hunger, a zest, a courage, a seeking that I believe the wise and brave to have.

Jenn’s eyes are big, bright, and wide. I imagine they’re that way so that she can take it all in, all of the world she’s always observing. She’s one of the most interesting and genuine people I know. She’s one of those people I wanna be more like.

We have sayings like “curiosity killed the cat,” and what the hell does that teach us? Don’t ask; don’t look; don’t explore.

Lack of curiosity killed the squirrel (that’s how I visualize my little zesty soul within me 😉 ) I say! Open your eyes wide, big and bright like Jenn’s, and ask people questions.

Explore where you are.

*Photo from Sarah’s iPhone shortly before landing in Chicago, IL.