As an Executive Coach, something that stands out about Sarah is that she lives what she offers to her clients. She “walks the walk” and is exceptional in this regard. If she is asking her clients to challenge themselves physically, mentally or spiritually, you can be certain that Sarah is challenging herself, too.


Sarah is also very conscientious in the most constructive way, in that, it tends to be infectious. Her self-drive and discipline have a way of reverberating in those that are near her, making Sarah an asset to those who aspire to change their life. Aside from her conscientiousness, Sarah’s thoughtfulness is my favorite part of her character. She is an outlier in the realm of driven people, because even through her seemingly infinite level of ambition, Sarah takes the time to fully understand people by listening empathically without a critical ear. The beauty of that thoughtfulness is that Sarah enjoys and appreciates people, wholly, as they are – yet encourages them to discover who they are to become.