With yet another mass shooting tragedy weighing heavy on our hearts, the myriad of policy debates that follow, and arguments on social and news media, I thought sharing the following would be a much-needed positive add-in right now. As “add-in’s” often are, it’s simple but powerful:

“Dearest Body of Mine,

After careful thought and consideration, I hereby promise to:


Start accepting you more, and love the way you were made.


Start listening to you more and not neglect what you have been telling me.


Treat you with love and care.


Stop putting so much strain and stress on you.


Give you the proper amount of rest that you need.


Because, body, I am so thankful for you and all that you do for me.


We have gone through a lot together. We have experienced trial and error. We have gone through pain and healthy times. We have been through the hardest workouts ever together and you have sustained me through.


I am thankful for you, body, that you can survive the worst and that we can learn every day how to fuel you better.


I am sorry for not always giving you exactly what you need and sometimes over working you.


I love you body, imperfection, flaws, and every single that goes with you!”


What is this?


It’s a combined excerpt from an assignment from a couple of my students at Charleston Southern University.


In the Health Coaching Skills undergraduate course I’m teaching this fall, one of their weekly discussion assignments was to write a letter to themselves, specifically a letter of appreciation to their body. I have to say that the project garnered some beautiful and touching responses.

So, my suggestion to you is, just this once – maybe this evening, or this weekend, whatever is a quiet time for you – sit down and write yourself a similar letter.


Do it. And let me know how it goes J


And if you’d like a little more in-depth write up about this concept of “adding-in,” in addition to the video I linked to earlier in this letter, go HERE.


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And SERIOUSLY, write that letter and let the love soak in! Comment below.