Ya, me too.

But I think that’s because somewhere deep down I know I need to. I need to just. Let. It. Go.

So, I got to thinkin’ – I’m probably not the only one who’s felt this way!

And as we approach the New Year and goals and resolutions galore begin to crop up and take shape, you might also be considering the things you’d really love to “just let go” of. Those things that you’re “over,” sick of, or frankly just want to throw out the window and say “good riddance” to.

Well, here’s a little offering from me to you this holiday season. By no means am I implying this is a magic button and the one thing to truly set you free (lets be serious), but it might be a helpful nudge in a fruitful direction.

As with anything I offer, please know it’s just a suggestion.

Ultimately, you need to put it in your body and your spirit and see where it lands. It might feel goofy on first try, and then feel a little more comfortable on the second or third go round. I don’t know!

Do your best to approach it with authenticity and curiosity, and let me know how it goes.

OFFERING: Use this as a prayer or a meditation

Find a comfortable position, either sitting, lying down, or perhaps even resting comfortably on your side with support underneath you. Allow yourself to settle into this position.

Then, close your eyes if you feel comfortable doing so. Take a couple slow breaths.

Call to mind something—a feeling, a relationship, a sensation, a habit, a thought—that you want to let go of.

See it in your mind’s eye. Try not to get too complicated with yourself and pick just one thing for now.

Visualize it as a small candle. Then imagine lighting the candle.

See a river in front of you; go to that river. Kneel down and gently place your candle in that river. Say a prayer or offering before letting it go, then watch it slowly float away with the current of the water.

Continue to watch the candle float away.

*This meditation was inspired by my friend and teacher, Lisa Theis, who shared a similar meditation in one of her wonderful yoga classes in Denver, CO. 🙂

Remember, letting go is a process. “Just Roll With It” may sound flippant, but it is not. Release takes time. It is a practice. It requires space literal and emotional.

You can return to this visualization daily and see how the imagery changes or remains the same. Let it be a practice that meets you where you are.

(This meditation and many more can be found in my book Just Roll With It: 7 Battle Tested Truths for Building a Resilient Life.)

PS If you’re super into quote memes, here’s one from someone I look up to, Brendon Burchard:


And one from me 😉