Ever hear of KISS?  No, not the band.  In the Marines, we were constantly told “K.I.S.S.” during training evolutions and planning projects.  It stands for Keep It Simple Stupid.  I prefer Keep It Simple Silly, but that’s the “Pep Rally” in me coming out.

Anyway, I’m going to keep it simple…silly, so here goes: Don’t reinvent the wheel. 

If you are having a bad, tough, emotional, or otherwise imperfect day, don’t waste time wondering what you need to do to fix it if you already have a tried and true “therapy” at hand.  I say this as much as a reminder to myself as advice to you.  For me, that go-to pick me up is one of three things: fresh air, running (which usually includes praying), or yoga&meditation (preferably combining all three if I can). I know these things help me! Yet, I still catch myself some afternoons, sitting there going, “Why the heck do I feel so off right now?”  Then, I spend several more hours feeling “off,” working inefficiently, or berating myself for not being on my A game before it clicks and I (silently) shout at myself, “Hello, Sarah!  Go for a freaking run or something.  You’ll probably feel way better and much more like yourself afterwards.”  Then, without overthinking it, I change as fast as I can and run out the door.  For you, maybe getting out of your funk is going for a bike ride, watching your favorite funny movie, or sharing coffee with a best friend.  (I think those things are great, too, by the way).

So instead of beating yourself up about feeling bad, feeling mystified about why you seem “off,” or self-destructing over negative internal monologues, take a breather, check in with yourself, and get back to your roots.

Step 1: Breathe.

Step 2: Go do what you know works for you, add movement to something that feels like your genuine self and/or sincerely engage with others, and the rest will work itself out later.

It’s literally two steps.  I think you can handle that.  Heck, you might even forget what you were so worried about before you went for that run, bike, or coffee date with a friend.

Besides, 90% of the time what we worry about happening never actually happens after all! 🙂

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What do you do to keep it simple, not reinvent the wheel, or otherwise get back to being you when you’re feeling off your game?  Share with us how you JUST ROLL WITH IT below, please! 🙂


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