Simply put, meaningful connections are invaluable.

I’m not a licensed psychotherapist, but in the work I’ve done with suicide prevention, one of the most common threads among those who take their lives or have felt the pull of that fine line, is a feeling of separation…of disconnectedness.  In a yogic sense, we talk about this as a separation from the whole, from the One, from the Divine. In a (broadly-speaking) Judeo-Christian sense, we see it as separation from God or Christ.  Socially-speaking, and plainly stated, we feel alone, like no one cares.

We isolate.

We create distance.

Have you seen loved ones do this? Have you done it yourself?  It’s heartbreaking either way, isn’t it?  🙁

So, please, nurture and make time for your high-quality relationships, whether with family, friends, co-workers, or pets.  Having a community that supports you and your goals is very important for a satisfying life.

This whole concept of being engaged in and excited about life is a core component of my SEMPER Philosophy for good reason. I’ve personally struggled with elements of “disconnection” and have seen others battle it, as well.  That’s why my work is so centered around brining people together 🙂  And – you guessed it! ding ding ding 🙂 – I am providing several opportunities to connect with friends, community, and leaders throughout this year.

1. If you are within driving distance of the Washington DC area, please consider joining my team – Marine Corp veteran Captain Kate Hendricks, Retired Colonel Joe Shusko, and Suzanne Manafort – and me next Saturday, May 11th at the Women’s Memorial in Arlington VA for the next Just Roll With It Bootcamp for Transitioning Warriors.  We are taking a mind, body, spirit approach to total health, happiness, and success and want you to be a part of the mission to spread this positive ripple effect within the veteran and non-military communities. (You do not have to have any connection to the military to attend, enjoy, learn, and be inspired 🙂 )  Learn tactics to reduce stress, increase energy, and boost happiness, fitness, and overall success.

*** Please, enroll for DC no later than 7 May – Next TUESDAY!  ***


2. We are also brining the JRWIB to Houston TX on 1 June and ask that you register no later than 24 May.


3. Also – COSTA RICA!!!  The 20th-26th  of July, we are leading a week-long version of the Just Roll With It Bootcamp in Nosara Costa Rica.  All info can be found at


“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” — Albert Einstein