Below find the simple recipe for a power breakfast I never get sick of, and it’s for an oldie and a goodie we often forget about: Oatmeal.

* Many of the additions to my oatmeal were inspired by Holy Crap Cereal which is primarily chia seeds, hemp hearts, dried fruit, and cinnamon (among lots of other awesome ingredients)

*  No Trader Joe’s required! Start with organic everything here when possible. I get my organic oatmeal at the King Soopers by my house which has organic fruit, honey, and nuts there, as well.

* Oatmeal is good for you!  Why?  Because it may help reduce high blood pressure, lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease, and help with weight control.  Moreover, it is a simple and easy food to fix and something most of us feel at-home with.  We don’t want to go overboard when introducing new foods into our diets, so this is a good way to get creative with new super-foods while maintaining a meal we are familiar with.

* Don’t like oats or intolerant/allergic to them?  You can very nearly replicate this recipe with quinoa, amaranth, or brown rice, making the same semblance of power porridge for your brekky.

The 5 step there’s-no-wrong-way-to-do-this-power-breakfast:

1. Cook steel-cut oats (or substitute whole grains) according to recipe. (I am in love with Bob…I mean Bob’s Steel Cut Oats Oatmeal)

2. About halfway through simmer stage, add one or combo of any of the following:

– tbs of flaxseed meal
– tbs of coconut oil
– tbs cinnamon,
– depending on your texture preferences, at the end you might want to add a splash or more of almond milk, rice milk, or if you just gotta have your dairy, a splash of high quality milk or cream. Doesn’t matter…add halfway, three quarters through, at the end. Whatever

3. Go nuts – Top with fresh berries (blue are some of da best (apparently help fight stress)), nuts (walnuts are one of the most balanced foods on earth, almonds are tasty too), and/or seeds (chia and flax are some of my faves in the powerfood group) of your choice

4. Stir

5. Eat

Yup, it’s that simple.  As I always say, “Just Roll With It.” Don’t overthink it. Make it fun. Make it easy. Make it colorful!

Make your good-for-you food taste good to you and you’re more likely to eat it.

Now go have a super(food) day! 🙂