You have a choice….

Look, I’m not a doctor (yet) but I do know a thing or two about what makes people tick…

about what makes people happy

about what makes people survivors and thrivors…

about what makes people resilient

about what makes people healthy…

and research (from people who are doctors) shows that the difference between happy and unhappy people often hinges upon their choice (of perspective.)

Happy people don’t have “easier” lives
less trauma…
more money…

Happy people make the choice to not compare, compete, or self-defeat.

Happy people make the choice to be courageously vulnerable.

Happy people make the choice to be compassionate.

Happy people know how to be fully engaged, fully present.

Happy people, are content people, and although that may not sound super exciting, it’s actually one of the most fulfilling, peaceful feelings in the world.  In yoga, this sensation or state of being of contentment is call santosha, and it is one of the foundations of yoga.

Basically, happy people are happy beings.

So, this New Year, instead of making a list of things to do, give a try to just being the most authentic, bold, and present version of yourself and see how you feel.

Happy New Year’s Eve, my friend.  Now, go out there and Be the most present, authentic, courageous version of yourself you can be! 🙂

 ~ As always, please feel free to share your thoughts below. ~


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