No, this is not a picture of me singing “the itsy-bitsy-spider” to a room full of adults.  This is me, “Semper Sarah,” speaking at our latest Just Roll With It Bootcamp which took place Saturday August 24th in Hermosa Beach, CA.  Because a former Marine, a photographer, a friend, took the effort to make this short video I posted below, I don’t think there’s too much I need to say.  I’ll let the footage speak for itself about what the day was like.  Words simply typed upon my computer screen will not due justice to the gratitude I’d like to express to Dr Theresa Larson DPT, Kate Hendricks, Dianna DiTorio, Dallas Poore, Jesse Kahle, Deanna Storer, Rebecca Kovacs, Jesse Flagg, Team Red White & Blue, CrossFit Southbay, Steve Trush, Forrest Jung, Steven Diebold of PapaSteve’s NO JUNK Protein Bars, Bulletproof Coffee, Nutrex Hawaii, and GaiamTV, but here are the words: THANK YOU.

Now, please enjoy one of these two videos 🙂 …


Team RWB reppin’ in da house! 😉



The JRWIB Ladies enjoying the SoCal sun