Seared Halloumi Sandwiches on Focaccia...with roasted vegetables & Fuji apple salad

Halloumi is an amazing, semi-hard cheese originally made in Cyprus. It has a distinct, layered texture, and an incredible high melting point – meaning that even when exposed to high heat, it will hold its shape. This makes it possible to sear the cheese in a hot pan, caramelizing it slightly, giving it a crisp crust and enhancing its naturally mild flavor. Layered with roasted bell pepper and Japanese eggplant, halloumi makes these hearty sandwiches uniquely delicious.”

Ok, so this blog may seemingly be just about food…

I’m going to share a recipe with you…

I’m going to tell you how to get three free meals from Blue Apron…

I’m going to write about food…

But, it’s never “just about food.”

Food can speak to and open up the creativity within us. Cooking requires our attention. Cooking is expressive…it’s heart felt…it’s empowering. Unfortunately, many of us have been led to believe cooking is a chore. I disagree.

Because as we prepare and create our own meals, we feed ourselves and our loved ones. We can choose what we eat.

What we eat, becomes us. It is the only form of art we can quite literally consume.

And it – eating – is something most of us take for granted.

I believe cooking, and eating, can be a gateway to healing, though. It’s a place where we can make choices. It’s a place where we choose what becomes us.

So, when a food “will hold its shape even when exposed to high heat,” we end up absorbing a least a little bit of that quality, too. We end up consuming, absorbing, and embodying resilience.

As we are exposed to “high heat,” can we “hold our shape?”

I’d love to know what food(s) you prepare and eat that help you “hold your shape.”

Or, if you’ve never thought about “food energetics” before, and that we absorb the quality and essence of our foods in addition to their nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc, what do you think of this concept? Will it change the way you approach cooking or eating?

Below, you will find the full recipe and instructions for how to make the Halloumi Focaccia sandwiches by Blue Apron.

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P.S. Since this cheese is from Cyprus, I’m also sharing a funny picture of me in Cyprus in 2009 where I went on a Mission Trip after leaving the Marines.

Seared Halloumi sandwiches on Focaccia feature image Semper Sarah Blue Apron

Seared Halloumi sandwiches on Focaccia recipe steps Semper Sarah Blue Apron

Semper Sarah pic of Halloumi Sandwhich Blue Apron


Picture above is my finished product.


Picture above is me in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in 2009. That little lamb chop I’m holding up is in the very shape of the country Cyprus itself. 🙂