Prescott Paulin, my buddy and unofficial business adviser, shot this impromptu video (<—click on that link! ;-p) as I was about to begin teaching a yoga class at Proactive Centers Chiropractic Office in New Albany, OH.  Seriously, no planning, off the cuff, these two women told me they had never done yoga before in their lives and had some questions about it.  Good ‘ol Prescott asked us to re-start our convo from the beginning, grabbed the camera, and got rolling! 😉

This was the first in a series of free classes I will conduct at the clinic.  These sessions are just a small way for me to thank Dr Chris Steidinger for his willingness to connect to the non-profit group, Semper Fidelis Health and Wellness, by offering 5 free visits and $10 adjustments thereafter to any veteran.  He’s been treating me for months now, telling me “you’re family.”  Great adjustments and friendly attitude – what more could you ask for in a doc?!  If you’re in the Columbus, OH area, please consider supporting this wonderful doctor.  His clinic is located at 5959 N. Hamilton Rd  New Albany, OH 43230 and the phone number is 614.337.8111