After reading this recent article on, I felt the need to comment.

1. I agree that “too few young women realize the career opportunities available to them in the military, and talking about her experiences and the experiences of other female Marines is the best way to recruit other strong women.”  I do not think the military is the only way, but it is a way (and a good one, at that) for young women, and an option they should consider.  There are so many different specialties available all under one umbrella. It provides the chance to somewhat dabble with and experience a variety of professional skillsets without having to quit and join several different companies.  Furthermore, my hope is that parents do not shield their strong young women from joining the Corps under the presumption that the Marines is an unwelcome place for them.  Yes, in some instances it will be. Sadly, I believe there will always be people who do not want women in the military, cart blanche, but that should not dissuade women from following a dream or having an experience which they have the right to earn.  As many awful experiences as I had in the Marines, I had twice as many awesome ones and grew immensely during my years in ROTC and in Active Duty service.   I do not regret my decision to join even though my parents were adamantly against it.  Why not let our budding young leaders shine in their environment of choice, whether they be girls or boys, and whether they are drawn to military service, the corporate workplace, or elsewhere?

2. Viable, competitive, and enriching professional military opportunities do exist for women today, in combat and non-combat roles, across all the services, and this is actually one of my topics for my future speaking engagements with the Columbus School for Girls (CSG).  Their wonderful K-12 Academy builds bright leaders but usually only one student per graduating class pursues any type of military career or collegiate education at one of the service academies. The teachers/administrators want their girls to know that the military should be a field they consider, as well, especially as future leaders.  I find it admirable and courageous that the CSG is interested in venturing outside their comfort zone by providing information to their girls about leadership positions in the military.

3. Please do read the whole article if you can.  It’s not too long 🙂

4. As for the commentary below the article – YUCK!  Please don’t engage in hateful, spiteful, angry discourse.  It’s always such a disappointment to see stuff like this after what I thought was a well written, mature article.  There will always be haters and discontents.  Be as true to you as you can be and try to let the nonsense just wash over you.  We, women and men, are all Marines if we graduated from boot camp or OCS, served well, and were discharged honorably; never let anyone tell you otherwise.

Semper Fidelis! 🙂