I have a question for you – would you like to know what are the most complete, balanced, and superfood quality proteins out there?

Ok, actually, I have two more questions.

Do you feel like getting a more-bang-for-your-buck financially and nutritionally-speaking protein would be good for you and your family?

Do you want to be healthier but feel like it’s overwhelming to know where to start?

Not to worry, because I’m going to begin with two things we’re all familiar with: Meat and milk.  We often directly associate protein with meat and calcium with milk, right?  But, I’ve got a surprise for you, the superfood proteins I alluded to before might come from a place you don’t expect.

I’ll give you some clues…

The most complete source of protein doesn’t come from a cow

It doesn’t come from a pig

It doesn’t come from a chicken

Frankly, it’s nowhere to be found on Old MacDonald’s farm

The best for you, easiest to add to your diet today, inexpensive proteins in the world are….

Chia seeds (about $6 a bag vs >$6/lb for various meats, and this bag o chia will last you a heck of a lot longer)

Hemp hearts

beans, legumes, nuts, and seeds

specifically like flax seeds or flax meal, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds

Feel like adding these friendly – and totally power packed awesome – seeds into your life is “too hard” to do?  Um, it’s not.  If your grocery store doesn’t sell these items, go to vitacost.com and order them.  If you don’t know how to incorporate them into your diet, read my blogs and/or go to the google.  I hate to ruin your day, meat-lovers, but most meat on the market is filled with bad energy, nitrates, steroids, and other pharmaceutical level drugs that you really don’t want getting into your system.  If you do eat meat, trying eating it a little less frequently and making sure it’s only high quality, organic meat when you do.

Now as for calcium, what do you think the best source of that is?

More clues:

It’s not from a cow…..

It’s not from a goat…

And if you’re an adult, it better not be from your mom (ok, that was gross, sorry)

One amazing source is from GRASS!  (pot-heads, stop giggling)


Young grasses are chock full of calcium, and good news here, even kids can eat grass because there are no toxic forms of it AT ALL (good news for adults, too, I’d say).

Most grocery stores now sell grass in the veggie area.  Check it out.  You don’t need a ton of it, and it’s easy to water it down after throwing it in the blender or vitamix, and you don’t have to drink it straight (blend it with other juices).  Or check this site out for more ideas http://sproutpeople.org/seeds/grass.html

Grasses aren’t the most complete calcium source per se, I just wanted to get your attention 🙂  But green leafy veggies are positively FILLED with the C-stuff!  Think kale, spinach, collard greens, broccoli, swiss chard, and crazy cool things like strawberry leaves (if you have a VitaMix, just throw the whole things in there, no need to cut the tops off).  Seaweeds (kelp) are rich in trace minerals and calcium in their natural form, plus they are filled with Chlorophyll which is nature’s internal scrubber (and natural deodorizer)!

By the way, sesame and flax seeds (listed above as great protein sources) are also really high in calcium.  Have you ever tried tahini butter (which is sesame seed butter) instead of peanut butter in your traditional PB&J?

Milk-lovers beware – store-bought, “traditional” milk is full of chemicals, puss, blood, and other unmentionables and stored in chemical-leeching plastic bottles.  Even Ron Burgandy knows that “Milk was a bad choice!” ;-p The same advice about the meat goes for milk – if you must have milk, or dairy in general, in your diet consider consuming it in moderate quantities and take care to ensure it is high-quality, organic stuff.

Eating supermarket meats and drinking supermarket milks exposes us to drugs, negative energy, and free radicals.  By eating a plant-based diet, we can increase the number of pure foods we consume, thereby decreasing the number of variables we’re exposed to and decrease our risk of the bad c word (that’s cancer for any of you perverts out there) and other illness/disease.

Here’s an easy swap to try: Instead of wolfing down your usual ham and cheese sandwich for lunch, swap it out for an avocado sandwich on sprouted bread (we love this one ) and if you must still have cheese, choose, but choose wisely (Indiana Jones anyone?).

You don’t have to eat this way forever, but give a shot. It’s not about taking things away, it’s about adding things in (nutrients, overall nourishment, love, joy, and good energy (prana for you yoga peeps – ya, it’s in your food, too!)) If it serves you and your family well, stick with it for as long as it does.  If and when it stops working for you, change it up.  Take pleasure in the experiment, and no worries 🙂

Just roll with it!:)