Since things really aren’t THAT exciting right now, (is anyone else severely depressed by this gloomy weather in Columbus?!??!)  I thought maybe I’d backtrack in pieces here and there to add blurbs about some of my travels.  As much as I am an organization freak, I’m going to resist the urge to only write in exact chronological order, and just start dropping in stories as they come to mind or as I comb through my journal entries and see tasty tales here and there 🙂  Hope you enjoy!  I’ll start with one of my all time faves….Margie and I like to call it “Mendoza PERFECT!”  Mendoza and the surrounding area was where we spent the final five days and four nights of our South American adventure, and things definitely ended on a high note for us.  Stay tuned for posts about that portion of the trip.

me&Margie near Mendoza, Argentina, about to go paragliding