About a week ago, while I visited family in North Carolina, I was having kind of a drab day.  I had not slept well, and had been inside most of the day trying to get some work done.  I did not feel like exercising, honestly.  As much as I love the trails throughout my parents’ neighborhood, I was slightly trash talking myself before I even got out the door.

“You’re tired.  You might get hurt.  It’s too hot out.  Don’t bother; you probably can’t ride the trail well today anyway. You haven’t ridden in awhile.” 

But I know better than to listen to that crap.  And before I could wage the silent battle of maybe talking myself into it, maybe talking myself out of it, I jumped out of my chair, changed into my biking clothes, ran outside, clipped into my pedals, and took off on my bike.

I was immediately struck by a few things as soon as I hit the completely awesome trails and the wind swept over my body while I flew down the first hill.  My body sighed a breath of contentment.   I. LOVE. FRESH AIR. (and sunshine).

#1, I immediately felt re-energized.

Then, as I sailed over a rock obstacle in the very beginning of the course that I normally have to dismount to get over

#2 hit me: an obstacle that was one before, was not one today.  It’s simple to understand this, but not easy to believe it.  We often get so mired down in our past and what we’ve already done, what’s already happened, and let that become our identity so much so that we forget – on a conscious level – that today REALLY is a new day.

“Holy crap,” I thought.  “I just went right over that thing.” 

Sometimes, when you least expect it, you get over something you never thought you could.  You let go, let God, and just roll with it.

The remaining hour or so of my ride brought a bunch of fun insights into my current creative questions, life ponderings, and overall mood. I felt so much clearer after my ride.  The simplicity of movement and breathing on my bike made it thrilling, life-giving, and blissful:)

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