Although I experienced the best and the worst events of my life while I served in the Marines, it’s a brotherhood and sisterhood I am eternally grateful to be a part of. The good ones, the true friends, the real brothers and sisters, still look out for one another and support each other’s endeavors.  Because one of my best friends (and a fellow Marine Corps veteran), Kate Hendricks, “had my back,” she connected me to a incredible woman in DC who has a regular segment on NBC’s Midday News.  That woman is Kim Weeks, voted as DC’s best yoga teacher by the Washington City Paper readers and owner of Boundless Yoga studio on U St and 13th in NW DC.  Kim then invited me to be her guest on the show, and I happily agreed to buy a last minute ticket to whisk myself away to DC to share a portion of my story in the hopes that it could inspire and empower others to heal, as well.  I cannot say thank you enough to both of these beautiful yoginis for opening this door for me, and therefore empowering me to open it for others.

Due to these friendships, both old and new, as well as thanks to the guidance of an adept and compassionate reporter, Keith Russell, yesterday, I was able to say “yoga saved my life” on National television.  During my second deployment to Iraq, I was “on the edge” and, quite simply (and powerfully), yoga brought me back. Because of yoga, integrative nutrition, and the support of true friends and family, I have healed in ways I never thought possible over the past five years. I am not dead or in a hospital because of taking up “alternative therapies” which are now a regular part of my daily lifestyle.  I now intend to do everything I can to share the healing modalities of yoga, meditation, holistic health counseling, and community support with the people who need them most.

Sustainable health is accessible and achievable and it is why I am so passionate about brining yoga and holistic health care not just to military members and veterans, but to our communities at large. Recent statistics reveal that suicide rates far outpace combat deaths. Yoga is one, very powerful toolset for mitigating the effects of PTSD that often lead to suicide. Please, if you haven’t already, simply try yoga. What do you have to lose? If you’re already practicing, then share its healing properties with others.

Be a part of a positive ripple effect within your community of creating better, and lasting, health for yourself and your loved ones.  Whether you are a veteran suffering from PTSD or a stay at home parent trying to handle the stress of raising a family, yoga is something that can transform anyone’s life for the better, or take an average life from good to great.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this short segment on NBC news.  If this message resonates with you, share it.  Continue to build community and support around you. 🙂  and thank YOU for all the support you’ve provided for me.  Mucho namaste 😉

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