What does this post have to do with Mr. Obama?  Not too much except that I just returned from Las Vegas, NV where I was sharing a hotel with the Pres, First Family, and their Secret Service entourage.  I have a pretty funny story, actually, about the Secret Service, but I might save that for another post.  I’ll just say it goes to show that James’ saying of ABM – Always Be Marketing – really works! 😉

So, on Monday I flew West to Vegas, spent two days masterminding with fellow James Malinchak VIP coaching members (which was awesome, by the way), then flew back to Colorado on Wednesday, will fly out to DC tomorrow morning, spend the weekend as a media sponsor and judge for the first ever Ms Veteran America Pageant, then will return next Monday evening, fly to Ohio on Friday for Australian Rules Football Nationals and return that following Monday. (Do you need a nap after reading that sentence? I think I do! ;-p)

I’m logging some serious miles in airports lately and that would be a real bummer if I wasn’t equipped with some proven tools to help get me through what can often be stressful situations.  I have a feeling I’m not the only one who experiences a bit of the frazzles when running to and fro to catch planes, cabs, rides, and hurry to make it to events on time. Right?  So, next time you’re on the road, in the airport, or otherwise need to take a chill pill, think of what you read below and see if it helps.

I present to you…

10 Yogic Things You Can Do In an Airport (or other public places) without Looking Like a Weirdo

1. Be patient.  Don’t overthink this one, but here are some examples, if you need them (and if you need them, then you need them): don’t flip your lid when your flight is delayed, don’t stand 1 inch away from the person in front of you in the security screening line (it won’t get you through any faster), do not push little kids over as you try to squeeze onto the tram as the doors are closing, or try letting someone else get on the escalator before even if you could dart in front of them to get one step ahead.  Know that you’re helping others by being patient. You’re creating a nice little positive energy bubble all around you, and believe me, I’ve experimented with this.  If I show up cranky, nothing goes right at the check in or security line; when I’m friendly and easygoing, it’s smooth sailing.  The chicken does come before the egg…or was that the other way around?  You get it: start out positive and it’ll rub off on others, I promise.  Which leads into #2…

2. Smile at strangers.  Ok, you might get some weird glances for this one, but so what?  That only makes it more entertaining.

3. Meditate (anywhere, anytime).  Keep it simple: inhale and exhale through your nose while you’re waiting in line.  Close your eyes when you can.  Be still when you can.  Close your mouth and breathe deeply, smoothly, and slowly whenever you can.  Neurological studies now prove what yogis have known for the years – the breath guides the mind.  The calmer your breath is, so shall your mind be, too.

4. Use a wall to stretch your calves while, for instance, waiting in the bathroom line.  Do so while breathing “yogicly” which really just means inhaling and exhaling through your nose.  Want to take it a level deeper? Make sure your stomach is expanding – slight puffing up like a balloon – when you inhale, and your belly button goes back toward your spine as you exhale.  All moves listed here can be done while doing this breath and that automatically makes it yoga.  Bam. There ya go!

5. Legs up the wall (ok, you might get looks for this one).  See photo. But it feels soooooo good to put those puppies up and reverse the blood flow in your legs.  Plus, whenever we reverse the blood flow in our body like that, it does this awesome thing where it simultaneously calms us down and makes us more alert.

6. While you’re there…hip opener/figure four.  Place one ankle across the thigh of the other leg to where your legs form a figure 4.  Some people also call this the “newspaper stretch” because when you then thread your hands through the “4,” and grab behind the thigh of the straight leg, it’s like you’re in a reclined reading position.  You should feel a stretch through the outer hip and glut (aka: butt) of the bent leg.

7. Standing forward fold.  Once you’re all done with legs up the wall and stretching both hips, stand up, put your heels against the wall, put a soft bend in your knees and begin to fold forward from the hips.  Bend your legs as much as you need to in order to respect your hamstrings and low back!  And aaaaahhhhh, here we are reversing blood flow again.  See if you can just hang out here for a minute or two.  Don’t bounce or push it or feel like you have to get your hands to the floor with your legs straight.  Just chill.  Seriously.

8. Heart opener/chest stretch.  Put a nice bend back in your legs if you’ve straightened them in the forward fold, engage your low abs, and slowly come back up to standing.  Bring your hands to your low back, clasp your hands together interlocking your fingers, press your palms together, then begin lifting your hands away from your back.  You should feel a nice chest stretch and your heart lifting upward.  Take a deep breath.  Enjoy it.

9. Eagle arms.  Fly like an eagle.  We always need balance, so slowly release the grip and your hands behind you, bring them forward like you’re making a field goal football arm signal, then simply bring your arms toward each other in front of your face, placing your right bicep under the tricep of your left arm and intertwine your hands bringing your right palm to your inner left wrist.  Press the palms together and elbows together and you should feel a nice stretch across the upper back and arms.  This should counterbalance the chest opener you just did.  Begin to raise your arms if you need a deeper stretch.  Remember to switch sides.

10. Just roll with it, have a good attitude, realize that delays or snarky TSA agents really aren’t out to get you.  Don’t forget to be accepting with yourself while you’re at it because “if your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.”  Jack Kornfield

As you do any of these things, take silly pleasure in knowing you’re being a yogi on the sly.  No one will even know what you’re up to and if nothing else, maybe you’ll entertain yourself.

So may we all learn to let go and just roll with it a little more each day so that we can be ridiculously happy, healthy, and successful while living a life of purpose! 🙂

“You can clutch your past so tightly to your chest that it leaves your arms too full to embrace the present.” – Jan Glidewell


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