One of my teachers (yes, it’s Lisa again ;-p) had a sanskrit teacher who went to India (naturally) to study for awhile.


This woman practiced yoga daily. It was a regular part of her life.


She noticed, though, that in this little village in which she lived that she was the only one who seemed to be practicing each day.


She also noticed that while she practiced, people watched. She saw eyes in windows, felt people observing her, etc.


So, she finally asked one of the local citizens why it is that no one else practices. They told her that because she practices, they don’t have to. In essence, one person adhering to their daily practice carries the entire village.


Because when one does it, it serves all.


Lisa’s tie into this story was to ponder our potential challenges this time of year. Do we often feel an “us” versus “them” quality wherein we see ourselves as the (pick your title) yogi, health nut, kinder one, wiser one, more patient, more cultured, etc and that those “others” may bring us down? Well, the truth is, we CAN be the light. We can be our best selves, and we don’t have to blame others for not being so. If we practice, it serves others, too.


So, ya, I think that’s kind of it: BE THE LIGHT.



Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas!



*Photo is from my 2007 trip to India for the CISM World Games (aka: Military Olympics). The Military World Games are a multisports event organised every four years, one year before the year the Olympic Games are organised. It is an event that is based on the CISM and Olympic spirit, without political, religious and racial consideration nor discrimination.