SERVE: Service is love, purpose, and healing in action.  Serve faithfully, authentically, energetically, and persistently.  We are all here to serve and love ourselves and others.  You have to – there’s just no other way.  It’s how God lives in all of us.  Love each other, love yourself, love your god, love your work, your breath, your movement.

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*P.S. Are you signed up for COSTA RICA yet?!

Morning practices will be enlivening, powerful, & dynamic and led by the lovely Lisa Schlelein Theis and tunes spun by “DJ Cosmic Professor.”

Afternoons will be filled with non-yogic adventures designed to challenge you and open your mind, body, and spirit. All meals are included and are local, organic, yummy, and healthy. Integrative nutrition counseling, as well.

Evening yoga lead by me will generally be gentle, restorative, calming. Not your typical “yoga retreat.” PURA VIDA on the west coast of Costa Rica.

Seriously great for beginner to expert yogis, wanderlusters, and adventurers. Join us at the Costa Rica Yoga Spa July 20-26th!  🙂