Given that friend and colleague, Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas, and I are just as big of nerds as we are jocks, yogis, and across the board fun-loving people, we get super duper psyched when we get published in academic journals.  This week, we had a jointly written paper published in a peer-reviewed feminist theory journal, the Gender Forum, called RE-THINKING WELLNESS: A FEMINIST APPROACH TO HEALTH AND FITNESS .

The editor’s description is a great summary of the entire piece, or check it out free online.

They engage with the problematic position of physical activity in feminist and post-feminist discourse. In “Re-thinking Wellness: A Feminist Approach to Health and Fitness”, they critically discuss that fitness and wellness are often approached in decidedly non-feminist ways, with popular culture’s emphasis on beauty and size detracting from the core benefit of any personal wellness practice – empowerment. Their article thus explores the roots of feminist critiques of sexist beauty norms and thinness mandates and analyses how these provide barriers to holistic wellness in society at large, and within the feminist community.


Kate and I co-own Just Roll With It™ Wellness, and our mission is to empower individuals and communities to cultivate an active body, a resilient mind, a renewed spirit, and a sustainable lifestyle amidst their setbacks, stressors, and challenges.  In addition to workshops, seminars, and international yoga and adventure retreats, we write about the power of holistic wellness in a lot of places attempting to get the word out to as many people as possible!


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