#1 – First and foremost, THANK YOU thank you thank you thank you Thank YOU! to those of you who voted for my entry in the Ford “Random Acts of Fusion” Contest last week.  I WON!!! 🙂  Hooray!! Thanks to all of you awesome supporters, my sweet Pete and I get to take a much needed 3 day vacay to the Canyon Ranch Spa&Resort in Lenox Massachusetts THIS Thursday.
Yup, I got the call Saturday afternoon that I won and was told to get the whole kit and kaboodle of legal docs, paperwork, etc in order to jet-set Thursday.  I for one won’t look a gift horse in the mouth, so today Pete and I scrambled to get it all taken care of, notarized, and sent off, so travel arrangements can be made ASAP.  HOORAY! (did I  say that already?)  I am just so  incredibly grateful for such an amazing gift!
Ford will post the official announcement soon  🙂  http://www.randomactsoffusion.com/big_acts/spa_spa_away
#2 – What’s new and good in YOUR life?  I’d love to hear from all of you!  Please be sure to visit me on my website, Facebook Page, or Twitter (see info below) and blast me some messages so we can better connect.  It’s so much more fun when the conversation is two-way! 🙂  And I have no doubt that you awesome peeps are up to some good stuff out there 🙂  Those of you who participated in the Just Roll With It for 31 minutes a day for 31 days of July challenge were rockstars and inspired many.  Let me know what you’re up to in August! 🙂


#3 – What’s new and good in my life?  Well, I had an unexpectedly and totally rad visit from my Uncle Robert this weekend.  He was en route from Salina, KS to Yellowstone, and lucky for us that Denver (and little ol me) were right along the way.  So, he hung out with Pete and I for a couple days and we had a blast.  We hiked Devil’s Head trail to the Fire Lookout Post (elev 9,749 ft) on Saturday, cooked our awesome “Love Burgers” (recipe coming soon) that night while watching Olympic Track&Field, and Sunday did a little photo shoot for aforementioned Love Burger because it will be featured in soon-to-be published book, Sharing the Health.


#4 – In keeping with the unexpected theme, I just confirmed this weekend that tomorrow, I will be a guest on the FOX News Radio Show, The Wounded Veteran, hosted by Bill Thomas.  I’ll be his guest at 9am PCT/noon EST. You can listen live here http://www.991fmtalk.com/ or wait till I post it on the media page of my website to lend your ear.

I hope all of you have a wonderful week, stay inspired, and Just Roll With It!

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