Ever wonder why I’m so motivated to do what I do?

Well, I’ll give you a short answer for now.

I care so deeply about helping people heal from physical, mental, and spiritual stress and trauma because I know how crippling it can be to suffer.

It’s not about me anymore, though. It’s about YOU.

Can I help you? Who can you help me help?  Who I can I instruct?  Who can we introduce to yoga, meditation, or integrative nutrition?  Who can my team – Kate Hendricks, Theresa Larson, Joe Shusko, Suzanne Manafort, Jonathan Sprinkles, and more – inspire at the next holistic health and wellness seminar that we present as a mind-body-spirit approach to transition, transformation, and ultimately, triumph?  Who can we help through their own personal growth and healing at our Just Roll With It Yoga & Adventure Retreats in Costa Rica?

These are not pithy sound bytes, folks. This is real freaking life.  I’ve been raped. Yup. It happened. 10 years ago, and I’m ok now, but that’s not the worst of it, nor is it the worst of anyone’s pains in the world.  It’s not a competition on who owns the corner market on struggles, though.

Pain is universal but we feel it uniquely.

If not through the work I do, no worries, but don’t let your injuries fester.  Please find a way to heal; find a way to reach out; find a way to connect; and if not for you, for the someone else in your life who needs it.

By the way, President Obama’s comment “We find out somebody is engaging in this stuff, they gotta be held accountable” is an utter disappointment. “Engaging in THIS STUFF.” Really? It’s not “stuff.”  These are crimes.  The languaging of this has to change, too, in order to change the culture, the actions, and the responses.  What President Obama should have said, “When we find someone committing this crime, we will prosecute them.”


* I am not a licensed psychotherapist. I am a certified holistic health coach and Yoga Alliance registered yoga instructor who received a BA in Sociology and Religious Studies at the University of Virginia. I am a professional integrative nutrition and health&wellness coach for individuals, groups, and corporations. I created the Just Roll With It Bootcamp which is now a National seminar series.  Oh, and I have survived a host of traumas and stressors to give me plenty of street cred, and wrote a book about it 😉 More on me HERE if you’d like to scope it out.