In keeping with the Halloween month-scary theme, I thought I’d go ahead and make a big (scary) announcement:

I’m having a baby!

Just kidding….sort of.  😉

Whether you’re a parent or not (I am not), I’m sure you’ve either thought this or heard someone say this before: “You’ll never really be ready to have children.”  Obviously people go ahead and do it anyway (have children, that is 😉 ), but nearly everyone I’ve ever talked to – men and women – tell me that it’s just one of those things that you won’t ever feel completely prepared for, and that it will change your life drastically and forevermore; and, although unexpected and challenging, those changes are good ones, and the work is worth the reward.

The thing is, I see entrepreneurship in a similar light.  I wasn’t “ready” for this endeavor, but I set out on the path anyway because I felt called to do so.  I knew my life wasn’t just a random jumble of events, but something God had crafted for a purpose.  I believe whole-heartedly that the purpose is to inspire and instruct you to live your life in a ridiculously happy, healthy, and successful way;  to be living proof that anything can be overcome; and to start a ripple effect of positive energy that has the potential to spread to infinity and beyond. ;-p

Many of my mentors, from Marie Forleo to James Malinchak, emphasize that you must start before you’re ready.  Sort of like the OJT (on-the-job-training) I used to do in the Marines where I, and many other officers, we constantly thrown into different situations or environments in which we weren’t properly trained to handle.  But we figured it out.  We made it work.  We were trained as Aviation Intelligence Officers but asked to serve as the Squadron Legal Officer, for instance (but that really happened).  Being flexible, going with the flow, and accepting change served as a form of resilience and strength which empowered us to “adapt and overcome” as we did.

Don’t worry, I’m not going down Marine Corps memory lane here today. I just share that snippet of a story with you because I want to let you know that I have applied those principles and many others to create something beautiful….

My “baby,” if you will 😉

Drum roll please……

8 modules

5 speakers

1 day

tons of inspiration…


This totally unique, “motovent” will be held at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina on Saturday, December 1st, from 8am-5pm.  The registration page is live HERE.  Register now because seating at the venue is limited, and extra goodies will be given to early birds and VIPS.  This event is sponsored by superfood companies like Holy Crap Cereal, Nutrex Hawaii Spirulina, and YOR Health supplements which will all provide enough supplies for the first big wave of registrants.  We will also have yoga DVDs, yoga mats, and more as unique “swag” for attendees.  I’m still working my booty off to get you guys as much good stuff as possible, so stay tuned (and keep readin’, darnit! 😉 )

Wondering what the event is all about?  Let me ask you a couple questions…

–> Have you experienced a traumatic or difficult life event that’s caused you to feel “stuck” emotionally, professionally, spiritually, or with your health, and you’d like to get unstuck and move forward?

–> Or, are you feeling “ok,” but would love to transform an area of your life from good to great?  Do you know that you are living well, but feel like you could live even better, but aren’t sure where to start?

–> Do you know someone who is stuck, and needs an atypical push forward in the right direction?

Then, I encourage you to attend this unique, lively, motivational, and movement-oriented program so you can discover the 7 secrets to creating your ridiculously happy, healthy, successful life of purpose!

  • Experience a fusion of inspiration and instruction
  • Bridge the gap between personal and professional development, and fitness, nutrition, and recovery
  • Get unstuck and just roll with it in a ridiculously happy, healthy, and successful way once again
  • TRANSFORM from good to great in order to enhance your relationships, health, lifestyle, and career
  • Learn how to see obstacles as opporunties, morph from tragedy to triumph, and shift your mindset from victim to victorious
  • Get moving and choose to live the life you love and love the life you live
  • Get the experience of lifetime of movin’ and shakin’ not only with me personally, but also with esteemed guest expert speakers Larry Broughton (former Army Green Beret and award-winning serial entrepreneur and author), Matt Patterson (USAF Veteran and award-winning author), Dan Stover (executive leadership coach and speaker), and Kate Hendricks (USMC veteran who is currently researching the effects of mindfulness practices on PTSD).
  • No death-by-Powerpoint, stuffy speeches, or sitting all day at this event!  Also, no business casual attire allowed.  Anyone wearing a dress, khakis, or a blazer will kindly be asked to leave the building.  🙂  So, please wear tasteful and comfortable work-out clothes, and bring positive energy so you’re ready to roll


Plain and simple, you’re getting a ton of bang for your buck, and it’s just gonna be a freaking blast! 🙂  I sincerely hope you can make it there. I’d love to meet you in person and introduce you to my dear friends who are also the esteemed guest speakers, Larry, Matt, Dan, and Kate.

Plus, you get early access to my first book, Just Roll With It: Stop Comparing, Competing, and Self-Defeating — The 7 Battle-Tested Traits You Need to Create a Ridiculously Happy, Healthy, and Successful Life of Purpose (No Matter What You’ve Been Through!).  Yes, that’s actually the whole title!! 🙂  Turns out I’m launching this bad boy the same day as the event! Pow!

So, there you have it – there’s basically no reason not to come visit me and see my new baby…err, I mean, come to my first live event.  Frankly, it’s a matter of life or death anyway because living uninspired is deadly.   So, just do it, and just roll with it! 🙂

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine.  It’s lethal.”  Paulo Coelho

***Want to be a scholarship recipient for the next Semper Sarah live event?  Check out Lindsey Hardman’s story on the thank you page after you register.  She is a college senior at Old Dominion University who has motivated and inspired me, and so I awarded her a full ride scholarship from Virginia to San Diego to attend the Just Roll With It Bootcamp! If you’d like to contribute to her scholarship fund without registering for the course, though, you can donate to via PayPal.***